So why do you need to be choosy about sleepwear? Most of us go to sleep alone anyway, or next to our spouses or significant others who probably won't mind the loss of style so much once we drift off to sleep. Besides, who cares what you're wearing when you go to bed since it will all be wrinkled in the morning anyway? Believe it or not, millions of people do care about their sleepwear, as evidenced by the brisk sales of jammies and nighties at stores around the world. If you're looking for tips on how to choose and buy your own sleepwear, read on:

Fabric Sleepwear is made to be comfortable, so keep that in mind. Don't buy one in a fabric that will be itchy and prickly to the skin. Sleepwear is available in different fabrics and materials, most of which are made with favorite fabrics such as cotton, fleece, flannel, silk, velour and satin.

Cotton is the all-time favorite for many sleepyheads regardless of age. It's very comfortable and depending on the quality, can be quite soft. Cotton is also a breathable fabric, easy to wash and maintain.

Other materials such as fleece and flannel are excellent for babies, toddlers and young children, who will appreciate not only the warmth these fabrics bring but also the softness. They're also quite durable and with proper care, should hold their shape for a long time.

If you want the luxurious feel of fabric on your skin, choose silk or satin. The cool fabric glides like a dream and once it has reached the same temperature as your body, you'll feel as if you're wearing nothing at all. That's why many people refer to these fabrics as 'second skin'. For that, you'll probably have to pay more, although if you like luxury, the price will be worth it.

Fit and style. This is an important consideration when buying sleepwear, whether it's a personal purchase or as a gift for someone else. If you're buying for your own use, try it on for size. Sleepwear should not bunch up in the wrong places nor should seams leave deep marks on the skin. Comfort is a huge factor in choosing the best sleepwear, so make sure to aim for that.

If you're buying for someone else, be sure to know their size or at least be able to approximate it when making your choice. As for the style, again, consider comfort, whether you're picking a long-sleeved pajama set, a camisole, a tank top and shorts set or some of the more elegant sleepwear with intricate designs.

Women's sleepwear and lingerie Most women's sleepwear consist of pajamas, although you'll probably find a smattering of varied choices in their drawers - nightgowns, teddies, sweatpants and even boxer shorts. The key to finding the perfect sleepwear for women is to keep an eye out for both style and comfort. Meaning, the style should fit her personality and the size must be right. Not even the most expensive sleepwear from La Perla or Victoria's Secret will make up for the fact that the clothing is several sizes too big or too small. Go for something that looks good and fits well.

Lingerie is a rather challenging department, especially for men who want to buy their wives or girlfriends a nice gift. The variety alone is mind-boggling, with all its different styles, shapes and make. If you want to play it safe, find out what she likes by either asking or snooping around. Her own stash in the drawer should give you a good idea as to the size and style of sleepwear that she prefers.

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