Hip hop was brought to live in the late 1960s and early 1970s and had an amazing development since the first day it had been first introduced.

This subculture has several main elements and this is one of the major reasons why hip hop gained the success that it has now. Besides the specific, new type of music that it brought: rapping, hip hop also introduced a new fashion trend: hip hop clothing, a new form of art, graffiti, another way of dancing, break dancing and last but not least beat boxing. With so many elements introduced there is no wonder that hip hop gradually started to develop and win the hearts of many people.

Besides rap music, which is the main element that hip hop is known for and appreciated, another important aspect of this subculture that had immediate appealing to fans as well as ordinary people, was hip hop clothing. Today there is not a clothing store that either sells hip hop clothing or has clothes that are also inspired from this type of fashion. All the major designer labels borrowed something from this amazing form of art known as hip hop.

One of the major reasons why nowadays there are thousands of clothing stores that promote and sell hip hop clothing is the fact that this simple fashion was and still is accessible and easy to wear. Large, baggy pants and long t-shirts are the two major iconic aspects of hip hop clothing. Moreover, this new trend allowed people to look a little uncouth as long as they feel comfortable with what they wear. Another reason why hip hop clothes must be very comfortable is because you have to be allowed to move freely in order to be able to break- dance.

In the beginning the hip hop fashion was looked at as being more appropriate for those who lived in the ghetto or had minimum wage. However, this was about to change very soon. What hip hop brought to the world was undeniable and there was no way that this was just some wave that was going to pass without leaving any trace. More than that, hip hop has not passed and it is maybe stronger today than it was when it first started. Hip hop clothes are a big hit, rapping is one of the most expressive ways of expressing yourself and break- dancing and graffiti have become an art form that you can not live without.

The numerous clothing stores that sell hip hop clothes and the number of brands that started to make such clothes increased considerably. This subculture is now appreciated at its value and although there are some bad things that hip hop promotes at times, the many great aspects of this subculture have brought it where it belongs.

Hip hop clothes are found in thousands of clothing stores, break- dance is thought in thousands of dancing schools, graffiti is found on millions of wall and hip hop music is listened by millions of people around the world.

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