Metallic influence can be seen all around this summer/ spring season. There is a saying “everything that glitters is not gold” but irrespective of, its gold or not everything that glitters is “IN” this season. The gold rush basically started a year ago but it is continuing its upward ski with more opulent gleam as silver shimmer and metallic sweet wrapper foil effects in materials. Shimmer and shine has captivated runways, celebrities’ wardrobe and our very own street fashion. Earlier glittery and shinny used to be the territory of parties and high society but today it has come out on our streets surprising the common fashion fiesta. We can spot celebrities carrying huge metallic handbags, wearing metallic flats, and metallic chunky accessories.

Metallic lids are super hot for this summer but the lash to brow metallic look that has hit the runways may not be apt for normal wear or office wear. For an ordinary golden glam look use the metallic color without caking it up or simply use golden eyeliner to incorporate the season’s hot trend in your looks. Pat McGrath the global design director for Procter and Gamble says “nude is new” i.e. all over metallic tones that give models feature a plasticky uniformity with a look of “custom made luxury doll”.

To add that glamour to your Friday night use season’s gorgeous heavy metal glitter Eye Gel in different shades such as bronze, gunmetal gray, blue, white, green and purple. Eye gels generally have a clear base and so it’s easy to carry off when letting the foot down on Friday nights till wee hours of morning. Depending on the occasion use maximum to achieve that dramatic, stunning eyelids, or use a brush to draw on thin lines for a more minimal approach. To complement the glittering eyes use color juice lip gloss in Nude Nouveau from L’Oreal. World renowned Eddie Maleterre is L’Oreal’s official make up artist and consultant, he suggests the metallic tea, violet and blue are the prevalent collection paired with illuminating white pearl to spring new life to the eyes.

The crowning glory our hair can delve into the metallic fever as well. The blonde look is always in. L’Oreal has recently launched metallic blonde range of hair color from Feria Color Booster. L’Oreal has launched three new shades with a multi faceted blonde result designed for use on lighter hair and promise to lift hair color by up to four tones without a pre-lightening step. The product has new shimmer enhancing conditioners.

From gold thongs and silver skimmers, to bronze flip-flops and copper slides, metallics are breaking new grounds. All those celebrities in metallic shoes can't be wrong. Silver or bronze shoes are timeless classics. Not only are they perfect with neutrals and pastels, they spark up tame colors like black or gray.

Shimmer and shine is everywhere this season our favorite accessory handbags are no exception to it from totes to satchels, and designer purses to bargain bags; gold, silvers and shimmery candy colors are being seen on the arms of women around the world. Metallic trend is emerging on the handbags in form of metallic leather trim on fabric handbags. Apart from favorite silver there will be lots of gold and copper, another new addition to the metallic family will be colors like purple, blue, pink, and orange translated into metallic looks. A bag of metal color, as if forgotten by aliens on the Earth, is a sheer must have this season.

The fashion world will witness lots of metallic shades woven through all different styles of dresses be it evening wear, short skirts, minis, tights, pants, tops and lingerie. Tough metal jackets have stormed the runways this fall. Golden looks have gained momentum in the past few months appearing across dresses, coats and jackets adding elegant glamour. Gold, yellow and mustard clothes are very much a seasonal must-have. Pebbles and stones have the silver grey and putty tones of fashion colors for spring 2007. Retail world is catching up the rave with gleaming silver grey garments or creamy or coffee cream clothes with texture on texture. The Summer/Fall season is expected to shimmer and glimmer in golden yellow colors. Tones through lemon, melon, chartreuse to sand, honey, bright yellow, mustard, butter, corn, straw and gold abound.

These golden effects are to be seen in all different types of fabrics be it, leather, wools, silk jersey and satins. Sparkling opulent brocade fabrics go right across the color range from the creamiest of honey to the most lustrous golden copper sheens. This picture on the right is from Marc Jacobs’s collection showcasing metallic fever in everything around. The model is showing elegantly crafted golden leather skirt with the jumper in dark metallic hues.

Fashion stylists are recommending adding that much earned excitement and pizzazz to any outfit with spring’s most radiant accessories. Gold & Metallic Large Earrings and Metallic Plastic Bangle Bracelets provide just the right amount of sparkle without appearing overdone or gaudy.

With all that glittery glamour and paparazzi around it’s important to keep basic fads in mind. There is no need to dress up in metallic from head to toe. Designer Andrews’s advices “Add metallic, techno fabrics, satin or patent leather to your wardrobe. A woman who is more traditional may opt for shine with patent-leather accessories. A woman who is a little more fashion-forward may opt for a metallic trench coat, a metallic shoe or bag. Someone who is more fashion-adventurous might even opt for more of the techno fabric for daytime.” The metallic shade of the season looks great in dresses or tunics, or you can add that shimmer to your look and be trendy by simply adding a piece of chunky silver, gold Jewellery. Even though metallic appeal has been extended to normal colors gold and silver still rule the territory. Gold have a tendency to look more romantic while silver is always ultramodern. So go on throw yourself in the shimmer pool and come with various surprises superseding your normal persona.


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