Initially, clothing was used as a mean to protect the vulnerable human body from extreme weathers and to keep safe from harsh environment. Although it is still a necessity for all mankind to be fully and presentably clothed, in most part of the world, clothing has evolved into a fashion statement that epitomizes the sense of wellbeing of a person, especially for a woman. Nowadays, the lady apparel and the impact of fashion is something perceived as a very judgmental tool to benchmark a woman's success.

The textile industry was the first to be mechanized during the Industrial Revolution. Before this, the process of making fabric was considered tedious and required intensive labor. Today, although mechanized, the process of turning fabrics into apparels is still not as easy as it seems and modern day consumer has often take clothing for granted.

As humans became more better at making clothes, the fashion industry starts to progress and has enriched the ways to create and beautify daily apparel. Embroidery is one of the significant methods in beautifying clothes.

Embroidery is known as the art or handicraft of decorating fabric or other materials with designs stitched in strands of thread or yarn by using a special needle. Evidence suggests that Ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, Phoenicians and Hebrews used embroidery for decorating their robes. The Moors has been found to decorate much of their apparels with embroidery as well. The style and uniqueness of each individual culture is usually embedded in the pattern and designs of the embroidery. Back in the days, embroidery also represents the sign of wealth and power one possessed. The rich traders and merchants are often willing to pay a large sum of money for the luxury of embroidered clothing. The one who always benefits the most from this are their wives and mistresses.

Decorating fabrics with embroidery is certainly a beautiful way to express one's identity on apparels and accessories. Not only does is provide the woman wearer the look of elegance, but also a sense of style. Hand-made embroidery are highly recognized because of the hard work and energy put into producing the perfect piece which could take days or even months as creators would have to work on every part in detail. Machine has also helped man produce embroidery which have over the years improve in quality up to a level of being equally as beautiful as hand-made embroidery.

Every garment can be embroidered to give a personalized feeling to the wearer. This can be easily done with the availability of machine work. The rich and famous are often those who create their own identity on their apparels. They would usually tailor-make their clothing and embroidered them with their own initials. Fashion is a universal concept and covers all industry and activity. Nowadays, even sportsmen and women are also affluent with styles. Lady golf apparel for instance is making statements on golf courses. Although being on the green, golfers are bonded by their own dress code and rules; it has not stopped them from being fashionable and classy. Consequently, more and more fans of big names such as Tiger Woods and Michelle Wie are copying the way their idols are dressed.

Clothing has transformed into something worn out of necessity into an indicator of social status. Clothes not only protect the human body form dangers of the environment but give the wearer a sense of confidence and pride. Today, the world of fashion is without a doubt a dominant market and more and more designers dare to explore and showcase their creations on original lady apparels.

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