It has often been said that everything in the fashion world is recycled. This is because of the phenomenon that fashion trends are repeated every twenty or thirty years. One of the best examples of this is the 70's revival in the 90's, which did not only influence fashion but the different aspects of popular culture as well. If this rule of repeating fashion trends is to be followed, it can be expected that in the first decade of the twenty-first century, it would be 80's fashion, specifically the punk fashion trend, that would make a comeback, and indeed it has. This comeback, although expected was not anticipated to be as big as it has become, which has made every fashionista scramble to get those big belts, striped shirts and a pair of Chuck Taylor?s.

Every era is accompanied by a fashion trend and the 80's are one of them. This is because it was during the 80's when the world saw very distinct fashion trends. Some of these include the popularity of black and white striped shirts and shirts with floral prints in the 80's, which recently have also made a comeback, especially among punk rock artists. Another example is the recent popularity of big earrings, belts and other accessories, which were also distinct to the 80?s, which are used to make the people wearing them stand out. In addition to these, jelly bracelets and fishnet stockings are also making a comeback, which are very effective in adding flair to an outfit.

Other fashion items that have also made a comeback recently include leg warmers and the veer popular Chuck Taylor shoes. Among all these, the emphasis seem to be in having more colors, as the 80?s is always remembered as an era where it was not considered bad to have as many colors as you can in your outfit.

In addition to clothing, other manifestations that the 80's are back include the way people wear their make up, especially punk rock artists. This is because it is they who wear either the very colorful eye make-up that characterized the 80's, which include the use of colorful eye shadow and dark eyeliner.

In the fashion world, fashion trends of yesteryear make a comeback every twenty or thirty years. This is because as expected, the 80's are back, as we now see certain fashion trends that include wearing Chuck Taylor's, large belts, large earrings, and colorful shirts have made a comeback. Given this, it can then be said that indeed, the punk generation, and the attitude that came with it, is back.

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