A wedding is one of the most significant events in a man’s life. It is the day when he takes the sacred vows and unites with his better half and enters in to a new phase of family life. Weddings in India, since time immemorial have been treated as occasions for grand celebration and a whole lot of planning and efforts go in to making it a memorable occasion. Everything from the food, to the flower arrangements, wedding invitations and venue need to be the very best. The bride prepares for days together to look radiant and chooses apt finery knowing that she will be the center of attraction. While making all the preparations, the Indian groom shouldn’t forget that he too will be a star at all the ceremonies. It’s his big day too and it’s important that he too dresses in appropriate clothes.

Today, the Indian groom can choose from a range of outfits to match the occasion. A richly embroidered silk churidar kurta is the ideal outfit to wear for a sangeet party or a mehendi ceremony. A raw silk sherwani looks princely when worn for the wedding ceremony. And a classic double-breasted suit with a smart silk tie makes the groom look very handsome on a formal occasion like a cocktail party or at the wedding reception.

These outfits can be bought readymade or can be custom made. It’s essential that they have an impeccable cut and style and fit the groom perfectly. Make sure that they are selected well in advance so any alterations can be made before hand.

It’s also vital that the colors match the occasion and the groom’s personality. Black should be avoided for the wedding ceremony or any auspicious occasion like a pooja or a thread ceremony since it is considered an inauspicious color. Traditional clothes like achkans and sherwanis in white, cream, gold, maroon and beige look extremely elegant and bright and are best worn for traditional ceremonies.

Can you imagine what would happen if the bride showed up at a cocktail party in a formal, black dress while the groom arrived in an ethnic churidar kurta? Therefore, if possible, the groom should also try and co-ordinate the color and style of his outfits with the bride’s. It would make them look like a well-matched couple.

The groom should also take care that his accessories match his clothes. Mojris or traditional Indian sandals can be worn with traditional Indian outfits while formal shoes can be worn with suits.

With the right clothes, the groom will feel confident and ready for his big day.

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Radhika Shah is marketing manager for Sai Fashion Indian Garments. Sai Fashion offers impeccable range of Jodhpuri, Sherwani & Designer suits

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