Every management person should be striving to constantly be looking to improve employee relations. Keep employees happy will lead to increasing productivity and morale. This should lead to increase sales.

First, you must show interest in employees. They want to be more than a body. Most employees want to feel wanted. Just knowing some things about the employees is a big plus. It could be their favorite hobbies, children and pet’s names, and anything else that you can think of. Most employees want to do a great job and caring for them makes it easier for them to feel a part of the organization.

Employees need to be treated as individuals. One method does not work in managing employees. The employees want to be respected for their differences.

Managers need to respect difference of opinion with employees. Some of the best suggestions to improve a business will be from employees. They will not always agree with management’s view. If possible, the manager / owner should explain to the employee the reasoning for not following their opinion. The employee may not like it, but will have respect for you if done in a professional way.

Need to be fair to all employees. This can be tough to do. However, showing outright favoritism will create numerous employee issues that are hard to resolve.

Keeping the job interesting is another important factor in improving employee relations. First, it makes time go faster. It also keeps the employees challenged. If the employees get bored, they will pay less attention to their duties. There are many ways to keep the job interesting. It could be cross training the employee or giving more responsibility.

Communicating with employees is one thing many managers could do a better job. Informed employees make better decisions. This information will lead to better customer service, morale, productivity and ultimately increased sales.

The one thing that may be the most crucial to improving employee relations is showing appreciation for a job well done. Many managers are quick to be critical of employee mistakes, but slow to give praise. About 80% of communication with an employee should be praise. Giving praise to employees in front of a group is something most employees love. The number one thing that most employees look for in a job is appreciation for a job well done.

Many managers give criticism to the employees in their office. The problem with this is that any time the employee is called to the office, they know what is coming. Make sure employees are given praise in the office or where ever they receive criticism.

When giving employees tasks, telling them thank you costs nothing when the job is done. A few seconds of time could reap rewards much greater than the time involved.

Employee issues can be tough to deal with. There are no black and white answers for many employee issues. The key is to keep employees happy while reaching the goals of the business.

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