What does a Punk Rock T-shirt mean for a real Punk Rock band fan? I am sure; it is not just a tee or a hood that he or she wears on a regular basis. No doubt, it is more than a stylish and cool piece of clothes a fan feels attractive and self confident in. it is something beyond other people and maybe the fan himself understanding.

If you ask for instance, a Nirvana fan, why he likes his Punk Rock T-shirt with a band photo on it that much, he probably won't be able to give exact answer, but the fact the treats it like something very pressures is out of the question. Any way, why should we care or wonder why he likes this thing very much, this Punk Rock T-shirt makes him feel better and more self expressed and it is great.

Can you imagine a Punk Rock fan without a Punk Rock T-shirt? Of course not! He will never put on anything in pink or orange colors for that would be uneatable according to the punks' way of life. Punks' major colors are black, grey and other dark colors. The colors that symbolize sadness and desperateness, the most depressive colors that reflect Punks' attitude towards life are Punk colors. Kurt Cobain T-shirt, dark and old jeans, cheap footwear, tattoos and piercing - these are the most common attributes of a real punk.

There are hundreds of Punk Rock bands, many thousands of Punks and millions of Punk Rock T-shirts, but for every Punk his Punk Rock T-shirt is so unique and special, because he was choosing it with special care. It may seem strange but fan do pay much attention to what they wear, as the clothes they wear is a part and partial of their life style. Businessmen wear suits, ties and shoes, but punks wear their favorite Punk Rock Tees.

T-shirts for fans are of such great importance to them, because they help to express their inner word, mood and, what is most important, their musical tastes. It is not a secret that especially teens feel extreme need to let the whole word know about them, to tell everyone that they are a separate world with its unique feelings, rules and fears. Teenagers want to look like punk rock starts on TV screens, they want to act like they, wear clothes like they wear and to express their admiration of them - these are some of basic reasons why they wear Punk Rock T-shirts.

But understanding music itself comes with time, first it is a simple imitation resulted in influence that comes from mass media and wearing Punk Rock T-shirt is a primitive following general rules, which by the way is paid much attention to. Later this devotion becomes more apprehended, it is come the higher level if the person becomes music literate or simply more life experienced. Music tastes break the limits of punk rock, change or develop when the person becomes older, but his first and favorite Punk Rock T-shirt will always remain something untouchable.

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