Nothing can compare to the versatility of knits. One cannot fail to be captivated by the kind of colors, forms, textures and dimensions that can be created through knits. Knit designers, are being encouraged all over world by the boom in the knit furnishings industry. Cushion covers, bedcovers, throws, rugs, curtains, sofa covers you name it and it can be created in knits. Knits are striking, inviting, durable, surprisingly easy and quick to manufacture.

The biggest bonus of knits is of being able to create and design your own fabric. So much so you can create your own digitalized portrait onto the fabric. One can get creative with both colors and the selection of yarns for the very basic knits.

Designs through yarn variations: The choice of yarn for a creation in knits makes all the difference. For not so complicated look, for simple textures, novelty yarns such as slub, feather, crimp, or chenille yarns can be used. Mélange yarns, dual colored, space dyed, mixing of different contents such as wool being blended with cotton.

Designs through structures: Some of the most common designs that run in knitted home furnishings are the ribs, cables, knit & purl and the color jacquards. But merchants of the trade who understands the product range should demand for a change which is important to defy the stagnation of designs. Explorations should be done in structures like rib ripples, tubular jaquards, drop needles, laces extra insertions, popcorns, blister etc. Luxurious necessity for a stylish living, that's about a complete home decor! People are eager to shell out their wages on fashionable or at least decent looking furnishings and flooring, to match the color and theme of the interiors.

A perfect home is meticulously furnished with delicate house furnishing and furniture furnishings. A home aesthetically embellished with the right choice of fabrics has the experience of heavenly living. These days' knits can be embellished on an immense variety of products such as furniture, bedroom furniture, dinning furniture, drawing hall furniture etc, table/bed linen, bed covers, and gloves.

Kitchen furnishings like kitchen towels, aprons, mittens or gloves, floor mats etc. The other home furnishing accessories include place mats, potholders, tea cozy, handkerchiefs, quilts, rugs etc. Duvets such as quilts and coverlets are artistic home decor products that are basically used to enhance the interior beauty any domestic ambience. You name it and it can be done in knits. Knits have the favorable vibe that suits your individual preference to sooth the all senses. A well furnished home is worth living in.

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