Presenting your promotional products on a glass shelf display is more than just about the arrangement of the products. First impressions of prospective customers and maintaining high standards for current clients can be essential in the measure of your success. Your display shelves should draw attention to the excellence of the products and literature on offer, and be adaptable to help you get the precise arrangement you need.

Fixed display shelves that can not adapt to the constant changes in their use can fail to present your products to a high standard. It is also crucial that a display suits its environment, but with a limited shelving unit you can risk a display that no longer meets your needs. Let the products and literature dictate the design of the shelving unit by having modular shelving made up of components that can be constantly added to or rearranged. This will create an attractive presentation that can be continually modified to compliment your products every time you change the display and ultimately make people see them in the best light.

For a promotional display it is vital that customer’s attention is caught and in a retail store it is important that your products are displayed to an exceptional standard. At an exhibition it is crucial that customers visit your stand and not your competitors. To achieve this, a glass shelving unit will make an outstanding display and confirm the high standard of your exhibition stand or retail shop.

If you have a small boutique, create an irresistible display of your luxury products by using a glass shelving unit. You want the ability to add literature holders to the display for the promotion of a new product range or advertising banners to publicise the summer sale.

At an exhibition, modular shelving would be ideal to dispense you exclusive products and brochures on a shelf unit that is made up of separate components. They can be rearranged, replaced or interchanged easily for a very versatile display that can be adapted to suit your changing needs. A great feature of a component based display is that you have the ability to dismantle the unit and move around to different exhibition locations. There is also the option of adding brochure or literature holders, banners and advertising boards to increase promotional space and make an even more powerful and effective display.

Importantly the unique shelf units have toughened safety glass shelves to ensure safety in busy environments. The shelves are fully adjustable depending on your product height. With a frame made from Aluminium and durable heavy steel bases for stability, the whole unit is also very easy to assemble with only one person required. As part of a modular system you can cost effectively purchase extra or lost components when required and dismantle for transportation.

Shelf displays needs to be eye-catching and adaptable to suit your exact needs. Glass shelving units can create a modern feel and a superior display. Online businesses such as Displaysense can offer a range of these display shelves and provide an assortment of retail shelving and modular shelving in a range of sizes for a glass shelving display to fit your exact specification.

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