All organizations needs to operated and anticipated only by the people. All other elements like finance, machines, land, etc., could be supportive building elements for all type of organizations.

Employees are acting as a bridge between the organizational goal and implementation activity. In this process, a catalyst can efficiently stimulate the employee’s activities towards the achievement of organizational goal. The catalyst is the employee’s their own individual traits. If the organization is stimulating the traits of the employees in right way it leads to great success to both employee and employer.

This paper is going to focus on the individual empowerment to achieve the organizations goal/objective.

Employees Empowering Process

Businesses can make success, profit, image, survival etc., by their employees, management, system, strategies, customers and also by the society. In this circle, the organization can fine tune their employees to their own path way. Because all human beings are strive for their Self-actualization- that is, the realization of their potentialities as unique human beings.

Self actualization involves an openness to a wide range of experiences, an awareness of and respect for one’s own and other people uniqueness; accepting the responsibilities of freedom and commitment; a desire to become more and more authentic or true to oneself, and ability to grow.

Abraham Maslow found that, although the people sometimes had great emotional difficulties, they adjusted to their problems in ways that allowed them to become highly productive.

So the business organizations need to streamline their employee’s traits towards their organizational goal. This process will provide a fruitful solution for many employees and organizational internal problems.

The organizations needs to focus their employees traits in such a way that, to perceive the reality accurately, to become a problem centered that self-centered (they are more likely to base decisions on ethical principles than on calculations of the possible costs or benefits to themselves), to identity with all other human beings, to know themselves well enough.

Every employee may have their own individual goal. Those individual goal frequencies should correlate with the organizational goal. If it does not correlate, the organization needs to take the corrective action to make the individual frequency to match with the organization’s common goal frequency. The organization is responsible to make the employees to realize their importance and contribution with in the organization.

The above said employee’s traits can be emphasized by the organizations by providing different participative- type of employee programs, encouraging different and fruitful solutions to various problems of organizations, by providing financial and non-financial benefits to positively exceptional employees, to realize themselves as an important part and partial element of that particular business, to make themselves to realize their defensive behaviour.


The employees empowering process is one of the way to improve the employee’s traits positively towards their organizational and social goal. Since employees are the common and irreplaceable element in any kind of organizations. Even though all the activities are automated it needs to administer by the employees. So every organization has to concentrate on their employees.

About the authors:

1. Kalaiarasi. H
is Lecturer working in Department of Management studies, BahirDar University, BahirDar, Ethiopia, Africa

2. Sukumar. N is Lecturer in the Department of Textile Engineering Department
BahirDar University, BahirDar, Ethiopia, Africa

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