Fur scarves make fantastic accessories for all of your clothing whether it is casual, work, classy. These gorgeous articles can add that little something extra to your outfit that you needed without going overboard on accessories. Plus, it will keep you cozy, comfortable and warm during the cold season! They are functional, soft, classic, always in style, and luxurious.

You can get a fur scarf in so many different colors, origins, textures, and even faux scarves that do not have animal fur in them. You could have a beautiful fur scarf for every outfit in your closet if you wanted to. Get a good quality product that can amazingly accessorize your outfits and keep you warm.

Although you may not know it, fur is huge in fashion today and they never seem to go out of style. Whether we want to admit it or not, mankind has been wearing furs since the beginning of time.

Maybe, you don/t like the idea of wearing a fur. No problem! You can always opt in for faux fur. Although, maybe not quite as soft as the real stuff, unless your an expert...it will be very difficult to tell the difference with high quality faux garments. You have probably seen celebrities wearing luxurious fur scarves, as well as in commercials, ads, and more. More and more designers are using fur in their clothing as a way to glam up their products. Fur is chic, it's fashionable, and it's fun.

Fur is wonderful as it is a natural way to keep you warm and comfortable during the cold and harsh winter months. It has probably been worn since the time man has stepped foot on this earth. The Native Americans used fur to create homes, clothing and blankets for their families. They would simply use the fur from the animals they hunted for food. They would also use it to make drums and other materials. It is one of the first (if not the first) choice for clothing and keeping warm for people for a long time.

Today, it is used for the same reasons, plus as a fashion plus and for a certain look. Accessorize your wardrobe with a fur scarf today.

So, here are 10 Tips for taking care of your Fur Scarves –

1. Keep your scarf neatly in your closet, making sure it is not crushed or twisted.

2. Do not store away fur in a plastic bag.

3. Keep your fur away from any heat.

4. Do not brush or comb fur.

5. Do not use mothballs around fur.

6. During the warmer months store your fur where it is cool.

7. Do not take your fur to a dry cleaner – there are fur specialists who will clean it.

8. A professional can repair any tears or rips – take it immediately.

9. Keep your fur away from lights as this can create oxidization or even change the color.

10. If you get your fur wet you need to shake it out and hang to dry.

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