Markets are stocked with the latest cotton clothes. Cupboards are filled with different shades of cotton suits. And summer is when people flaunt their cotton clothes.

It is an undeniable fact that cotton clothes seem to have taken the place of essentials. Printed cotton clothes both indian and western have flooded wardrobes. There is something in this fabric that seems to have addicted the masses.

One vital reason for increasing popularity of cotton clothes is that in this fabric one does not feel that hot. It is especially designed keeping in mind the temperature of the country. Secondly, indian cotton clothes like cotton saree or a suit looks very classy and appealing.

Young girls going to college adore wearing a cotton clothes like kurta with a pair of jeans or a salwar. Many ladies going to their work stations enjoy wearing a cotton saree. Apart from looking great, it is easy to handle this fabric. Of late it is seen that the concept of mix and match is very popular. Ladies buy a good combination of a cotton chudidar or a patiala salwar with a cotton kurta. Even men have not been left behind in this race of fashion. They equally compete with women when it comes to wearing stylish cotton kurtas. Especially on weekends, most men can be traced wearing cotton kurtas with denims or pajama.

But then cotton clothes require some extra care. This would mean that these cotton clothes need to get starched. This starch makes the cloth stiff and fluffy. And in addition to some cotton suits or sarees need to get dry-cleaned. At the time of dry cleaning, charak is applied on the clothes in order to make them crisp. These are just a few things that need to be kept in mind as far as the usage of cotton clothes is concerned. Cotton clothes gives a most graceful effect when properly starched.

Cotton clothes look very ethnic at formal business occasions or formal meetings. Most of the skinny people go for cotton clothes which gives them a fuller look. It is strong even when wet. Cotton clothes are absorbent and draws heat from the body. It proves to be be a good affinity for dyes and shrinks unless treated well. The fabric is weakend by sunlight. Most cotton clothes can be laundered. It is advisable to wash color fast ones in hot water and others in cold water. Always iron while damp. Cottons can be washed at home or at a laundary depending on how often they are worn. It is advisable to get your fancy cottons drycleaned. Some of the colors like turquoise blue, shocking pink and black always bleed and require special precautions when washed at home. Though starch kills longevity of cotton clothes but the beauty of cotton lies in crisp look! Cotton is one of the world's major textile fibres. It is obtained from bushy plants. There are four main types of cotton-American Upland, Egyptian, Sea Island and Asiatic. The flowers from which these different types of cotton are obtained vary in color and texture, thus providing each type of cotton with varying characterstics. Cotton, in general, is very elastic. It can withstand high temperatures, has high washability and is very susceptile to dyes. is one of such online store with wide range of cotton clothes like cotton sarees and salwar suits.

Keep buying and wearing cotton clothes suits, sarees, kuris in order to look stylish and debonair. For all occasions, your outfit will stand out. And you would surely feel that you belong to an elite class.


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