Do you have an ever growing pile of laundry? Do your dirty clothes multiply over night? Do you feel like you are chained to the washing machine?

For most families and in particular, large families clothing can be a real problem, cost, washing and storage wise. But there are a few things you can do to help minimise or eliminate these problems.

The high cost of clothing

To help with the cost of clothing, buy good quality clothing when they are on sale. Most of us know what stores and what brands have the best quality clothing, so watch out for end of season sales and buy a size bigger for your children ready for the following year. Good quality clothes will last longer and youll be able to hand them down to your younger children.

Before going to a clothing sale write a list of what clothing your children need, this will help to stop any impulse or unnecessary buying. Make sure you take a pen and mark off what you have already brought or you may find yourself doubling up on some items.

Remember dont just buy something because its a bargain, only buy it if it is on your list and your children really need it.

Dont be ashamed to accept hand me downs from friends and neighbors but dont feel like you have to keep all of it, keep what you will use and pass the rest on to some one else or give them to a charity.

Where to Storage Them?

The best idea is to get rid of any unnecessary clothing. Childrens wardrobes are usually jam-packed with unused, unnecessary clothing. How many times have you walked into your child's room and found a pile of clothes that your child has pulled out of their wardrobe or drawers? Its happened to me many times. Usually my kids are hunting through the masses of clothing looking for something that they actually want to wear. Getting rid of some of the clothing will help your child find what they are looking for without having to pull out everything else.

No doubt you will be doing your laundry at least once a week, so only have 7 days worth of outfits plus one or two outfits for special occasions in your childrens wardrobes and drawers. Get your children to help cull their clothing, after all they know what they like and what they dont like and what they will and will not wear.

You can store all the extra clothing in another part of the house, sell it at a garage sale, on eBay or give it to charity.

Store all out of season clothing in another part of the house. In the garage or a shed is ideal. We store all our out of season clothing in big plastic boxes in our garage. They stay dry and clean and are easy to find when we need them.

By doing these few things you can help to minimise or eliminate the cost, laundry, mess and storage of your families clothing.

About the Author:

Rachel Suesskow is an Australian mother of 5 children ranging in age from a newborn to a 9 year old. She is the author of A Juggling Mum Blog,, where she posts about life as a Juggling Mum, gives hints and tips that help to keep her home running smoothly as well as the recipes and meal plans she uses to keep her family well fed.


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