In any part of the world during any decade, gold pins, gold jewelry rings and other gold jewelry pieces can be seen on both men and women alike. This is one precious metal that will probably never go out of fashion. Gold wedding jewelry is also classic and timeless. Gold jewelry is so popular because it doesn't tarnish easily, it doesn't cause allergic reactions and it can be extremely durable.

Gold jewelry can also be formed into many different figures and profiles, from gold cross jewelry with fine chains to a thick gold watch. A gold jewelry maker can even take a mere ounce of the precious metal and hammer it into a ten-foot square, so it is very versatile. Not all gold jewelry is alike, though. Gold jewelry rings, for example, usually have a marking that displays the karat of the metal. This represents how pure the gold jewelry is.

Higher karat gold jewelry in the United States will have a higher percentage of gold in the metal.

The only pure jewelry is 24k gold. 18k gold jewelry contains18 parts gold and 6 parts of another metal. 14k gold jewelry will have 14 parts gold and 10 parts of another metal. The smallest karat of gold jewelry that is typically found in stores is 10k gold jewelry, and this is the minimum amount of karats that can be used to still be considered gold jewelry in the United States.

The system for European markings on gold jewelry is a bit different. They mark the percentage of gold. 14k gold jewelry, for example, contains 58.5 percent pure gold and will be marked "585." This can be found on the inside of gold jewelry rings or some other inconspicuous location on the piece. Gold jewelry should contain a karat or pure gold percentage marking as well as a trademark that identifies its maker.

Pure gold jewelry is beautiful, but it's not always practical because it is extremely soft and easy to damage. This is why people mix gold with other precious metals to make it durable, as well as to decrease the cost. Gold cross jewelry that people wear around their neck every day, or a gold watch that never leaves a man's side, are best if mixed with another precious metal that will make it longer lasting.

People also mix other metals with gold jewelry that change its color. White gold jewelry, for example, is made by mixing it with palladium. Adding copper creates rose gold jewelry, and combination gold silver jewelry will have a more greenish tint. Gold jewelry combined with other precious metals is known as an alloy.

Gold jewelry is timeless and beautiful. White gold rings are especially popular for gold wedding jewelry these days, but gold in general is always a classic choice. Gold will always have value, it will increase in worth over the years, and it should be durable enough to pass down to future generations.

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