Topaz, which is the birthstone for November, is believed to symbolize fidelity. Traditionally, this semi-precious gemstone is found in yellow, green, pink, red, smokey, blue or may even be colorless. With a hardness level of 8, the topaz is both popular and durable in terms of jewelry design.

If you are in the market for topaz jewelry, you may find yourself with the greatest variety of choices in the color of blue. This popular shade is a favorite of many, and is the most common shade that most people think of in topaz. From the light sky blue to a rich swiss blue and the darker shade of London blue, topaz is a classic.

When it comes to shopping for jewelry, affordability is always a factor to consider. Some retailers, such as Almost Diamonds, offer both genuine and synthetic gemstones in order to allow every shopper to find the perfect style for their taste and their budget. When set in sterling silver, topaz in any color offers a dramatic combination. During the summer months, white metals offer a cool look when paired with the perfect tan. In the winter, however, the white metal of sterling silver takes on a warmth that is reminiscent of a favorite Christmas tree ornament or New Years decoration. Regardless of how and when you look at it, sterling silver is the perfect metal for every day and every occasion.

With the gift-giving season fast approaching, it may be a good idea to consider purchasing topaz jewelry for someone special in your life. Even after the holidays have passed, there are many occasions for which someone may wish to buy jewelry, including Valentine's Day, birthdays, anniversaries or simply just because. Because topaz is available in a variety of colors, you are likely to find one that suits the recipients taste. Keep in mind, however, that most people will identify blue as their favorite color, which means blue topaz may be the perfect choice.

As mentioned earlier, topaz is the birthstone for the month of November. For December babies who may be looking for an alternative to turquoise, blue topaz is also recognized as a suitable substitute. With all of the colors, topaz is sure to be the perfect choice for anyone whose birthday occurs in either November of December, but it's also a beautiful selection for anyone who appreciates a gemstone that offers a rainbow of colors to match nearly any wardrobe.

In conclusion, topaz jewelry is a fun way to showcase your love of gemstones or even your birthstone in a colorful fashion. Whether you are buying for yourself or shopping for someone else, this popular gemstone is sure to be a favorite of all who wear it. When set in sterling silver, the color becomes dramatic and the price remains affordable. Because it measures well on the scale of hardness, this gemstone will prove to be a durable choice for everyday wear. From the office to the grocery store and everywhere in between, topaz jewelry is one choice that will leave you with a smile on your face.

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