This year, pearls are a fashion statement and most of the celebrities wore it as to adorn themselves. It makes them glamorous and transformed them into fun and fashionable accessory. Do you that? Every woman dreams is to own a pearl jewelry because of the simplicity of the pearl is the woman right to possess. Pearls is the birthstone of June and used as birthstone engagement rings.

There is a vast range of pearls to choose from and are categorized into the following:

Black Tahitian Pearls, Button Pearls, Coin Pearls, Cultured Pearls, Freshwater Pearls, and. Natural Pearls or South Sea Pearls.

A beautiful black Tahitian Pearl Ring is made up of 18k white gold and diamonds. Its high luster is complement by a twisting 18K white gold, diamond encrusted design. The large 13mm Tahitian pearl has a flawless surface that you will never get tired of gazing into.

History of Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian pearls are named after the island of Tahiti and known as the black pearls. It is cultured and intentionally grown by human. They are highly prized because of their tones that vary from silvery metallic to dark graphite. It can be turned their tones into myriad metallic hues - including gray, black, green, peacock, blue and aubergine.

It was shaded with tones of other colors and their color comes from the black areas of the large oysters they grew in . Tahitian Pearls highly value because of their rarity; the culturing process for them dictates a smaller volume output and can never be mass produced. The rarity of the black cultured pearl is now a "comparative" issue and is rare when compared to Chinese freshwater cultured pearls.

Celebrity that wore Tahitian Pearl Jewelry

Actress Elizabeth Taylor owns one of the world's most famous pearls, the La Peregrina pearl, which was given to her in 1969 by then-husband Richard Burton. Kate Moss, the fashionable model is also frequently seen in pearl strands and changing into more weather-friendly fare, Moss is wearing on a super-plunging black maillot swimsuit and long strands of black pearls.

A good pearl should have the good luster, being bright, the surface should show your reflection. If it's too white or dull in appearance, it showed low quality.

When buying a Tahitian pearl ring, you should consider the following tips. Avoid pearls with blemishes and cracks. A consistent luster throughout the pearl shows good quality. Beeswax is often used by jewelers to treat pearls but may affect the luster, so ask your jeweler about it. Tahitian pearls have become one of the most sought-after gems in the world.

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