An ensemble is defined as a group of items viewed as a whole which, in this case, could be used to describe a set of jewelry worn together in a complimentary fashion. When you wear a cubic zirconia jewelry ensemble, you are wearing the look of flawless diamonds at a fraction of the cost. Many women opt for cubic zirconia rings, cubic zirconia bracelets, cubic zirconia necklaces and even cubic zirconia earrings for a style that compliments one another in a way that looks as though it were a custom set.

If you are someone who enjoys mixing and matching your gold and silver jewelry but aren't sure how to do it properly, you aren't alone. The look of two-tone is very popular, which is why many jewelry lovers are searching for a way to tie in both metals without creating a mismatched look. The trick is to wear one piece of jewelry that incorporates both sterling silver and gold, which can either be solid gold or plated. With one single piece of two-tone jewelry, you can easily wear your other silver and/or gold jewelry with ease and style.

Did you know that cubic zirconia jewelry is available in a variety of colors to simulate some of the world's rarest diamonds? If your passion is black and white diamonds, you can find a number of stunning designs in cubic zirconia. This bold color combination allows for you to mix and match your favorite cubic zirconia jewelry in simulated black and white diamonds. For instance, you do not have to wear all black and white cubic zirconia jewelry. In fact, you can wear a pair of clear cubic zirconia stud or hoop earrings, a black and white cubic zirconia pendant and complete the look with a cubic zirconia ring and bracelet of your choice. The beauty of incorporating different colors of cubic zirconia into one jewelry design is that it gives you the flexibility to wear a variety of other simulated diamond styles and colors.

Whether you like circle jewelry, oval jewelry or you choose designs based on a specific item that simply calls out to you, there are plenty of ways to coordinate your cubic zirconia jewelry. Speaking of oval jewelry, this popular shape is making it's presence known in a big way. Just as the circle jewelry has been popular for some time, the oval shape is now being named as an upcoming trend in modern jewelry designs. Whether you look for classic or contemporary styles in your jewelry ensemble, cubic zirconia jewelry will give you an impressive look without the hefty price tag.

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