Diaper bag trends inevitably change with each calendar year. This fuels a demand for the industries designers to change right along with it. The 2007 design year will see a big change from casual and childlike to elegant and sophisticated, in diaper bag design. Many of the new designs will be versatile enough for mothers to use as diaper and evening bags. Here is a sampling of some of the unique and elegant new styles slated to appear in the 2007 design year.

Posh By Tori diaper bags are so chic that many will be tempted to carry them as evening bags. Many will be taken in by the gorgeous Lime Morocco designer diaper bag. This diaper bag is pure elegance. It is reminiscent of some of the more intricately designed fabrics and textiles found around the world. The Lime Morocco features an absolutely stunning silk brocade design, accented with glistening metallic jump rings on the handles. This diaper bag has plenty of room, with two exterior bottle holders, cell phone holder, large zippered pockets, and zippered top closure. Those searching for a more upscale looking diaper bag this year should naturally be drawn in to this line.

New from Nunzia designs is the Danielle diaper bag. This is an elegantly styled, Audrey Hepburn inspired beauty. Danielle is smartly designed with included bottle pouch, soiled clothes pouch, and multiple pockets. It's elegant black and white houndstooth design is fashionable enough to sport as an evening bag. The Danielle from Nunzia designs will most likely catch the eye of mothers wishing to have the versatility of a casual yet elegantly styled diaper bag.

Another elegantly designed bag is the Oriental Posies hobo designer diaper bag from OiOi diaper bags. This diaper bag is very casual in form yet very sophisticated in design. It has the sophistication french toile design yet is still casual enough to sling over the shoulder and go. It surprisingly includes a host of extras that many other diaper bag designers offer at additional cost. Oriental Posies has a key clip, diaper wipe case, and changing mat all included in the price. It is a fact that diaper bag designers are taking notice of what mothers want in diaper bag design, and beginning to incorporate these extras into the overall design.

As of late, the designer diaper bag industry has been flooded with a demand for more personalized choices in diaper bag design. To meet this extensive need, many designers are offering a variety of sizes in coordinating designs. The designers at 2 Red Hens diaper bags have picked up on this trend by offering three paired down choices of the same designer diaper bag in their Whole Roost Collection. One such bag designed with elegance in mind is the Strawberry Shortcake designer diaper bag. This elegant cottage style design can be purchased in the Whole Roost, Rooster, Hen, Chick, and Peep size. The sizes are stair-stepped down, one level to the next, offering a large degree of personal choice.

Ella diaper bags has also come up with a way to incorporate both fancy and function into their new design with the Toile Diaper Bag Pack. This designer diaper bag is sophisticated yet sweet. If features a stunning black central park toile design trimmed out in black and white gingham. Although the fabric and print expound elegance, the design style of this diaper bag exudes functionality. It is conveniently designed in a drawstring and flap closure backpack style.

The trends in designer diaper bag design are guaranteed to change with each year, however the designers that want to remain industry favorites will have to continue to change with customer demand. Designers who want to stay at the top, will continue making detailed inquiries into what customers want in diaper bag design. Once a trend is established, other designer will follow suit. This will offer the consumer a superb amount of choice and selection. The 2007 design year will be no exception. A trend toward elegantly styled diaper bags has been firmly established. Those looking for elegance and versatility will not be disappointed with all that will be available to them in 2007!

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