The right costume jewelry can accent the important areas of the body. Any area can become an important area for fashion and its related areas like jewelry, accessories. The abdomen can become an area that can be emphasized through color or jewelry. Cummerbunds are obvious but cummerbunds can be enhanced with jewelry and in this way the abdomen area can be styled through jewelry. Stylized chokers are also an important jewelry item for the throat instead of collars for example.

The chest area, neck area, arms and wrists can be accented by jewelry and sometimes arms and necks can be fully clothed in jewelry. Think of the chokers for the neck as well as layered bracelets and necklaces. Layering is important in jewelry and the right jewelry can complement the clothing. If you have a short-sleeved t-shirt, you can complement the shortness of the sleeves with layered jewelry which reach to the elbow. Or maybe you can simply have the wrist area emphasized by a Stylized bracelets.

Cuff jewelry is also important. You can have high strap watches or simply high strap 'cuffs'. Costume jewelry like chokers and neck bracelets can highlight the neck area. Jewelry which drapes around the neck and down to the chest area can highlight the chest area. 'Highlight' may be the wrong word. 'Cover' may be the wrong word too. Styling is not always about highlighting and covering. Styling is as the term says styling.

Look at the palettes for 2007 by Pantone. (You can visit the Creativepro or Pantone websites to see the palettes). If you are wearing a corset or a simple bodice of silver or silver- blue color, you can choose a complementary silver tone bracelet for the neck. Using the Pantone classic chic palette as the guide here for example. Look at the classic chic palette! -A silver tone bracelet around the neck can complement silver or silver blue bodices or shirts. There are various blends of grey and silver in the Pantone palettes. A light blue neck bracelet can complement silver blouses. Use costume jewelry to complement the figure!

Use the right tones for 2007 and use jewelry to get the right stylistic effects!. There are other more colorful palettes from Pantone like Melange with its fruit colors and the Lumens palette too with its selection of blues. You can use bracelets of dazzling sunny colors also. Color is important and the colors in costume jewelry are important for the overall effect. Color is at the center of fashion and color is at the heart of costume jewelry too. With the right setting, the model can show off her neck and arms/wrists with appropriate jewelry. Fashion is about color richness and to match clothes or to complement the colors in clothing, there is jewelry.

You can use rich dazzling neck bracelets instead of the high shirt collars. Burgundy-black neck bracelets can complement a simple shirt for example. There are also multi-stranded bracelets for the neck. They cling to the neck in a way that is difficult for collars and the figure hugging nature of some neck bracelets as well as wrist bracelets is a real effect!

Sometimes jewelry should cling and emphasize. They can be like clothes. They add to clothes and they can contrast with them also. Pantone palettes offer some dazzling colors blends and contrasts. When styling, don't forget jewelry.

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You can visit the Creativepro or Pantone websites to see the palettes:

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