The world of fashion is such an unpredictable world and before you know it a particular trend may no longer be "in" and the clothes you are wearing have turned from fab to drab. While different styles and trends easily come and go, there are basic staples that every woman should have in their closet. These items never seem to go out of fashion and you could always integrate them to go with your outfit without ever feeling so last season.

A good pair of denim jeans would always be useful for any woman. Denim jeans never go out of fashion and you could basically pair them with anything from your sexy tank or tube tops to feminine and frilly blouses that give a touch of sophistication. You can go from a simple casual day look to a sexy night out look with a great pair of nice fit jeans. Boot leg cut types have always been there through the different fashion seasons and they are the most ideal type because it flatters almost all types of body figures.

The classic fitted cotton shirt that fits near the waist and drapes out towards the hip area works with any look and flatters your curves as well. To get a good fit it is imperative that you get one in just the right size that allows you comfort and easy movement.

Straight cut slacks or trousers would be most appropriate for the career woman which is a good choice for the office and even for semi-formal affairs. The straight cut works for most body figures and helps hides large thighs or hips. The more versatile colors for this type of clothing would definitely be tan and black that you could easily pair off with other colors though you could also opt to wear other colors as well.

For the cold months, a knee length coat that is semi-fitting will always come in handy. The great thing about this type of coat is that it tapers at the waist to show off your figure and its length that sits right on the knee gives you the chance to show-off your smooth legs. You can find these coats in a wide variety of colors but go for those that offer versatility like maybe camel or khaki.

One should have a two-button blazer which looks very professional for work and which you could also use as a jacket during the spring and autumn season.

The classic black dress which could either be short or long should be on stand by in your closet. You can basically wear this to semi-formal or formal affairs and even to funeral rites as well.

Of course, you should have a one-piece suit or a high cut bikini in a classic color like black or white for those spur of the moment vacation getaways to tropical paradises. They keep you looking chic and in style even when you are at the beach.

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