It is an unparalleled pleasure so far as sewing is concerned when you start to gather the pieces, and then, the shape of the material begins to emerge gradually. This satisfaction will be perfect only when such a masterpiece can be made with our own hands. Crocheting can offer you this matchless satisfaction. It is all about making such unique items from simple elements like pieces of threads provided with a yarn.

A special kind of baby dress, a hat, or any garment that one could use to create a fashion statement, can be created through this process. With the combination of flexible materials such as the yarn and the different basic "crochet stitches," different items can also be made.

Afghan is one of the most popular products of crocheting. Afghan has proved to be fashionable and durable for generations and generations. The unique way of its making accounts for this popularity of afghan. ie., crocheting. Afghan products with their careful combinations of different crochet stitches and outstanding treatments have evolved to be one of the ever best crochet products.

The history of afghan traces back to the time when "Afghan Oriental rugs" were still very popular. Most of the people assert that the popular rugs bear a close similarity to the afghan crochets. There's no solid evidence regarding the name "afghan".

However, it is interesting to note that the creation of an afghan is being considered as the initial full-size attempt by people who are trying to learn the basic of crocheting. The simplicity of afghan crochet making accounts for this. Along with the different crochet patterns, afghan crochets utilizes the basic crochet stitches mainly. The general opinion is that if there were no guiding patterns like the afghan crochet pattern, the art of crocheting wouldn't have been an easy task.

There are many different afghan crochet patterns. Demands of the "crochet fanatics" who requested for more patterns to use so that they could make results that are more varied, explains this. But the basic afghan crochet patterns are the best.

Here is a list of some of the most common and most simple afghan crochet patterns:

1. Single crochet pattern

Using this pattern, one could make a simple yet very graceful afghan crochet. It only uses either a pattern of stripes with varied colors or a dense and continuous color. Because of its firmness, single crochet afghan patterns are usually used for making a cover for a chair or a bed.

2. Granny square afghan

This is one of the most popular afghan crochet patterns. Based on its name, this particular afghan crochet pattern includes the employment of individual shapes such as rounds or squares. These shapes are crocheted separately and then they are tightened together in various motifs and figures.

3. Chevron stripe

This type can be your best teacher in crocheting. It is in deed a sort of masterpiece.

Mentioned only a very few among the multitude of afghan crochet patterns. The real beauty of the product is rests on the reason that it was made by the hand.

Crochet pattern

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