Now that everyone has stopped blubbering over their heap of unworn hot weather wear due to the pitiful British summer this year, we can count the losses, regroup and start to concentrate on the new styles coming out for the upcoming autumn/winter season. What's essential - and also a great fashion statement - is a new winter coat to get you into the swing of things. This, season look out for bold styles in coats and if you're one to really follow the trends, go for one in pink or purple, clearly the defining colors this winter.

Fitted styles are key to coat buying this winter so look for tailored shapes that suit your body type. Belted coats are a great way to accentuate your waist even if you're wearing a woolly jumper underneath. The trench style is still in for this season, as is military inspired outerwear, both of which offer a fitted look to create a very tailored but feminine style. This military inspired image works especially well with the shorter and cropped jackets in vogue this autumn.

Leather is back as a hot fabric while fur is slipping in the ranks. With leather comes the resurgence in the biker look. Leather coat matched with biker boots will be a trend to look out for but, if you're thinking of taking this up, don't overdo it. Mix up the look with something a bit more feminine, for example, wearing tights or stilettos with a more masculine leather jacket.

Chunky knitwear is still all the rage this season from coats and cardigans to tights and jackets. However, thickly woven knits can be especially hard to wear if you've got a curvy body shape, in which case you should stick to lighter woolen layers in order to show off your more voluptuous areas. A knitted jacket can also be problematic in the British winter as it's not waterproof. Some can actually be absorbent, making walking about in the rain near impossible - so don't forget your umbrella! Knitwear is great for layering, which is key for keeping warm so make sure when you purchase knitwear that layers can be worn underneath for optimal protection against the cold.

If you can't quite carry off chunky knitwear, why not swing in a cape? For a fun to wear style that looks good on any body type, check out capes which are in this season and offer a great look for winter. Thick enough to stop the cold winter wind, but airy enough to prevent the sweat that your morning's commute may generate, the cape is a great addition to any wardrobe this season.

There are also some more glamour inspired short sleeved and half sleeved coats out this winter. They might be impractical but could be very flattering when paired with a pair of long leather gloves. And if it's worn on a night on the town or to a fancy dinner party, a few glasses of champagne and compliments from all around will dull the winter chill.

There is a chill in the air already so do not wait to buy that trendy coat this season. Veer towards fitted styles when looking for winter coats and, although black is safe, it's not nearly as fun as bright colors, which are widely available this season. Go for it this winter - because you could not this past summer!

About the Author:

Elisha Burberry is an online, freelance journalist and keen traveller and watersports enthusiast. Originally from Scotland, she now resides in London.

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