Adult diapers are like an under garment worn by those individuals who do not have control over their bladder movements. People who are physically or mentally disabled, and are unable to reach the toilet on time, need to use diapers.

Adult diapers are made up of continuous layers of cloth or towel fabric, or such a material that can absorb liquid. The following are some examples of when adult diapers are used:

* They are used by individuals who do not have any control over their continence. * By those who are mentally ill. * Security guards who have to remain on duty for a very long period of time. * Drivers who are forced to do non-stop driving. * They are also suitable for astronauts during the time they are in spacecraft. * Pregnant women, who urinate frequently. * People who are suffering from injuries, and cannot move from their places.

Cloth diapers are comparatively cheaper than other types of diapers, and they can also be re-used. They are more user-friendly, as they are made up of cotton fabric and are comfortable to wear. These diapers are usually best for people who are mentally or physically disturbed, as they are cheap and biodegradable.

Another type of adult diaper is the disposable diaper that is made up of waterproof cloth on its exterior, and moisture wicking cloth inside. There are many layers of tissue papers inside the moisture wicking cloth, and they are able to soak almost 90cc of liquid. Disposable diapers are more popular than cloth diapers because they can easily be disposed of, and you do not have to wash them again and again. Disposable diapers are made up of such a material that provides full dryness to your skin and keeps it free from rashes. Because of their moisture wicking layer, they are more comfortable to wear. Disposable diapers are more costly than cloth diapers.

Disposable diapers have eliminated the market of the cloth diaper due to their convenience. However, they take a huge amount of processing and their material remains as it is in landfills for various years. This is the reason that some countries have banned the dumping of untreated waste in landfills. Rather, they are incinerated as little residue is left in this way.

These disposable diapers contain various chemicals that are obtained inadvertently during their production, and also deliberately to increase the absorbing capacity. Although it works efficiently to keep the skin dry, it leads to irritation of the skin. But since they can be simply thrown away, people have ignored this disadvantage and to this date, disposable diapers are dominating the market.

Recent techniques have launched hybrid reusable diapers; they are made up of a fashionable pant, which can be reused. These diapers are made up of a material that is fully flushable and compostable to give extra care and comfort to adults as well as to babies.

So, in short we can say that these adult diapers have really been proved beneficial for those who are unable to help themselves.

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