Lingerie is actually a French term that means womens undergarments. True to its literal meaning, lingerie is an intimate clothing item that is particularly very feminine and exudes excitement, sensuality and elegance. Very much unlike the ordinary day-to-day underwear that all people wear, lingerie is meant to be femininely fashionable and meant to be an expression of a womans innermost feelings. With the wide range of lingerie items available in the market today, of varying styles, colors and fabrics, there will always be a sexy lingerie that would suit your own taste and preferences.

But to a modern woman, style would not be enough without comfort. Modern lingerie should not only be stylish but also a lot more functional and be made of comfortable fabrics. Blending these characteristics, modern designer lingerie collections strive to make as stylish yet functional lingerie as possible for todays woman. There are many types of lingerie items that are available today such as panties, camisoles, slips, bras and nighties and these are already considered as clothing essentials. While most lingerie today is machine made, designer lingerie is made according to unique specifications and is mostly hand-sewn which never goes out of style. Customised lingerie is especially popular for weddings, honeymoons and anniversaries.

Knowing your lingerie size is very important when buying sexy lingerie especially when you buy lingerie online. Different types of lingerie are numbered in different sizes based on bust, cup size, waist and hip measurements. Once you know the specific lingerie size that fits you comfortably, it will be easier to order and buy lingerie online. In order to maintain the condition of your lingerie, it is very important to check out detailed product information such as washing instructions, warranty details and exchange policy so you could keep your intimate apparel in good condition for a long time.

Once considered as a simple undergarment, the modern sexy lingerie is increasingly becoming a fashion mainstay. With every shape, fabric, color and cut, a sexy lingerie will surely add up an air of confidence and sexuality that would make you a lot more sexy and exciting. It is also best for romantic situations where building up excitement and anticipation would help make great intimate moments. Another reason for the lingeries popularity is the fact that todays lingerie styles are a lot more comfortable and wearable than it used to be. From stiff and uncomfortable fabrics, sexy lingerie nowadays are made of materials that would feel wonderful on your body.

A reputable online lingerie retailer, UK-based Fuscia, takes the lingerie craze further with its new and stylish sexy designer lingerie selections with a lot more styles, colors, materials and sizes of sexy lingerie. With a few clicks on its website,, you can actually check out sexy lingerie of various brands and types, all from the convenience of your own home. When you buy lingerie online, you actually do not have to make the old-fashioned trip to the neighborhood lingerie shop but all you have to do is to simply sit down in front of your computer and check out their website for the lingerie that would work to your fancy.

Fuscia Ltd has been in the online lingerie business for almost three years now. This friendly family-run company is registered in England and Wales and is reputed for its high quality service. Built upon a strong commitment to its customers, the company is known for marketing innovations that make shopping for lingerie online a lot more convenient. In fact, if customers are looking for products that Fuscia has yet to produce, the inquiring customer simply has to contact the company and in turn the company would try its best to serve every customers need.

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Modern designer lingerie collections strive to make as stylish yet functional lingerie as possible for todays woman. Buy lingerie online from

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