Paper Denim & Cloth creates unique, designer clothing which is distributed in fine department and specialty stores world-wide. Fans of these jeans love their unique features and flattering fit.

Known for its classic denims and flawless quality, Paper Denim and Cloth is rapidly emerging as the new it label alongside the former title holders, Seven and Blue Cult and is creating a buzz in the fashion world. A favorite among celebrities and even the rest of us, Paper Denim and Cloth is likely to be featured in any reputable fashion magazine you pick up, all ready gracing the pages of Vogue, Elle, Bazaar and GQ. Although it is a relatively new company, unique features and a limited supply has sent jean collectors out to snap up the latest pair.

Founded in 1999, Paper Denim and Cloth is now sold around the world in the best department and specialty stores such as Fred Segal, Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys New York, Harvey Nichols and Saks Fifth Avenue. The cost isnt cheap, expect to pay upwards of $130 for a pair of jeans, but the premium imported denims and the allure of hand finished products beckons to the fashion conscious.

Paper Denim & Cloth counts quality of construction and attention to detail as the most important factors in the production of their products. They choose to work with a small group of manufacturers and laundries and produce a limited amount of products each year, concentrating on the quality of each item released. Each seasonal collection focuses on updating the design while keeping the high standard for excellence and detail.

Certain features make Paper Denim & Cloth products unique. The low-five and super low-five jeans feature a two-piece contour waistband which is higher in the back to eliminate that annoying gap and aid the fit. Pockets are hand-set and shaped differently for each size. Flat pressed and selvedge side seams, signature single needle back pockets, j-stitch details on the fly and oversized belt loops along with reinforced riveting and a snugger fit at the button to prevent the jeans from falling down also helps to set them apart from the rest. Taller women have found that Paper Denim & Cloths longer inseam accommodates those with longer legs.

Due to the hand finishing process, no two pair of jeans are alike. Each pair of jeans produced comes with an identification label sewn into the inner waistband. The number on the label corresponds with the number that pair of jeans was in the production line. The number 1000 on the label means that was the thousandth pair of jeans produced. After 50,000 pairs, the labels are redesigned.

The production process is one of the most complicated in the industry, going through months of weaving, dyeing and tinting. After rounds of testing, wet and dry processing, the jeans are sent to the finishing area where they are pressed, trimmed with buttons and rivets and given their identification number. Finally, the jeans are sent to the Georgia warehouse, ready to be distributed.

For non-denim garments, the process of whole garment is used. This process is said to blur the boundary between knits and textiles. Knitwear made using whole garment is made in one entire piece, three-dimensionally. Therefore, the garment does not require any post production labor. This process is seamless so designs and patterns can run uninterrupted along the front and back of the article of clothing.

The Paper Denim and Cloth company strives for excellence and is constantly committed to the quality, style and authenticity of each and every product that leaves the warehouse. They stress that it is not just a pair of jeans that they buy, it is a perfect fitting product, hand crafted to perfection.

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