The most suitable place where you could place a modern rug would be the living room of your house. A modern rug has a very attractive canvas of different colors. These rugs are a combined effort of classical and modern art that brings life to your house. Modern rugs are examples of developed historical craftsmanship in weaving. Modern rugs have resulted from a continuous improvement in centuries of craftsmanship in weaving.

In the ancient days, only kings, queens and some of the most powerful people were allowed to make use of this craftsmanship. Those were the days when craftsmanship of weaving was kept a closely guarded secret by the tribesman. These tribesmen were from remote areas, of the world carpet capital. It took many years to develop a carpet by weaving. The weaving of a carpet is hard work and was only performed by hand. Modern carpets / rugs are the combination of silk, cotton and natural wool and are more often than not, machine made.

The fame of a Persian carpet is known world wide. A Persian carpet is believed to be one of the most precious carpets in the world. A Persian carpet is likely to set you back by approx $ 200, this for something as small as 4' x 6'. The carpets that are used now-a-days are unlike Persian carpets; however they meet the requirement of a house owner, effectively.

A rug is a smaller version of a carpet. Rugs have standard sizes which range from 3' x 5' to 9' x 12' for specific areas. The size of smallest rug is just equal to the size of a coffee table. Rugs can cover certain area in effective and decorative way. You could make use of a rug under furniture like a coffee table, whereas a carpet covers the whole floor area.

You should choose a rug to suit to the dcor and finish of the room. Light colored rugs make the room look large and dark colored rugs with dark walls give the room a gloomy appearance unless you want to highlight some piece of furniture or chandelier. Rugs provide comfort for walking when compared to a bare wooden floor. Rugs and carpets also provide safety to the floor and improving the sensuality factor of the house.

Modern rugs are available in three different yarn categories such as wool rugs, nylon rugs and polypropylene rugs. Wool rugs are made of natural fibers. Wool rugs provide soft and natural resilient; on walking over it gives a cushioning effect. Wool rugs also have very long life. Due to these factors and the safety factor included, most house owners lean towards wool rugs. Wool rugs are flame retardant, thus they prevent burning or melting of a surface.

Nylon rugs also have certain flame retarding property, but on burning they emit fumes and plasticize. The fumes linger in a closed room for quite some time.

Polypropylene rugs are the cheapest among the three types of rugs. They are not flame retarding nor are they soft like the wool and nylon rugs. But with improvement in technology, polypropylene rugs are treated to certain chemicals to make them flame retardant and soft.

The life of a modern rug is approximately twenty years. Modern rugs need less cleaning. Rug / carpet maintenance experts claim that modern rugs should not be shampooed initially. They only need to be cleaned regularly by the means of a vacuum cleaner.

Before purchasing a modern rug, chalk out a plan on where will you be using the modern rug and what will you be using it for. Update your knowledge data base on what types of rugs are available in the market and what would suit your requirements and your budget. A good planner will be able to get the most economical rug and at the same time make his / her look attractive and cozy.

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