Your sales staff is the lifeblood of your business. They can, in fact, make or break a sale. The good news is that you can utilize your POS software to motivate your staff to sell more and perform better.

1. Make sure that you are able to track sales by employee.


Sales reports can offer the following information.


 Sales totals for each rep or cashier

 Sales totals for each register

 Sales rep commission totals

 Forecasted sales based on salesperson or territory

 Daily sales transaction details by casher or department

 Top sales reps or cashiers

 Top customers

 Lost sales report

 List open quotes specified time of day, week, month or year

 Open quotes sales totals specified time of day, week, month or year

When you're able to track sales by customer and by sales person then you can implement methods to motivate employees that are behind in sales and reward sales people that are consistently attaining top sales numbers. Competition is healthy and a good in store contest is a great way to motivate associates, however you have to have accurate numbers and information.


2. Give your employees the ability to up sell by having customer information available via your POS.

POS systems enable sales associates to access information about customer's previous purchases so that they may assist them better or provide them with information for up selling opportunities at the point of sale.

Even at the point of sale, a sales associate can quickly identify a customer's purchasing habits and make suggestions based on their past purchases. "We have a table that compliments that sofa you bought last month or we have a few sweaters on sale by your favorite designer did you see those?" can quickly add sales to your day.

This excellent customer service means that you'll increase your sales.

If for example a customer enters the store looking for an item that is out of stock, a quick check of your inventory on your POS system will show you what complimentary products are available.

3. Make it easy for sales people to please your customer.

Many POS software products offer real time tracking. This means that gift cards, returns and exchanges can all be handled at any store location rather than just the store it was purchased at and they can do it 2 minutes, 2 days, or 2 months later. The system already has their information available at all stores so there aren't any verification issues.

Web-based software gives sales associates immediate access to customer information at other stores. This information can give valuable insight and data regarding a customer's preferences and purchase history. This knowledge enables sales associates to provide excellent customer service and greatly increases cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

Additionally, in a multi-store operation, if a customer is interested in an item that is out of stock, sales associates can easily find the item at another store location and have the item placed on hold or shipped immediately to the customer, all within minutes as the customer is standing right there.

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