Smocks are an integral part of the medical field. There are Artist smocks, utility smocks and cobbler aprons. Artist smocks comprise 65%/ 35% poly/ cotton. They are designed very gracefully with long sleeves, front and back gathered yokes, four pearl buttons and a notch lapel. It costs around $14.95.Utility smocks also are made 65/35% poly/ cotton but it has 3/4 sleeves, 4 pearl buttons, notched lapels and 2 pockets; costs $13.80.

Cobbler aprons have a very unconventional look. It is composed 65/35% Poly/ cotton Twill, has full rounded styling with centers division patch pocket and is available at the cost of $7.95 but of course it varies with the size.

One thing is evident from the above mentioned dates; it is the fact that smocks are really reasonable in price and are available in various colors, shapes and necklines. They are highly trendy, stylish yet look very decent and formal. This is the main reason why smocks are so popular in the medical field. Smocks find their use in various sectors like doctoring, and nursing. It is useful for the purpose of maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. This is absolutely necessary as an out fit for doctors and nurses. The three varieties that have been talked about are the chief varieties of smocks.

Besides them, there are many other types of smocks available. They vary in texture and also neckline. Neck line available and rounded hemmed necklines are also quite popular.

Still the v -neckline is much liked by the nurses. Smocks are normally made of polyester and cotton. The mixture is used to make the cloth soft and at the same time crease free. Cotton will impart a soft texture and polyester will give it a glossy and smooth look. The arrangement of the pockets are also of different types and make the uniform look really graceful and glamorous enhancing the beauty of the outfit as a whole.

Notched lapels and long sleeves give the smocks a very unconventional look. They do not look the way they used to have a very pale appearance but today they come in a wide variety of colors and styles. This is mainly because quality presentation is a buzz word in every field. A large variety of scrubs, tunics, lab coats, smocks have been manufactured in charming colors giving them a very fresh look. Not only this, they are continuously updating with new dynamic styles and trends.

Smocks find maximum use in hospitals. So, they need to be absolutely clean and germ free. They should be washed properly, regularly so that they are always hygienic and so that they give the users a pleasant and fresh look. A fresh and enthusiastic look of the doctors is very crucial and highly desirable in any reputed hospitals.

These are the things mandatory taken care of. It definitely has a purpose. If the doctors look fresh and enthusiastic, then it will obviously have a positive impact on the patients. The patients will feel safe and relaxed since they will feel assured that they have been admitted.

Somewhere where the issue of hygiene is at the top of the list, patients have a predictable psyche in this regard. They feel that they are in safe hands if they observe that the atmosphere inside the hospital is clean and pleasant. Therefore if the doctors are providing quality service and also take care of their smocks (uniforms) and keep them clean, pleasant and presentable, then it brings about a make over all together.

This in turn enriches the goodwill of the profession and the brand as well. Smocks and scrubs are body hugging. They are designed in such a way that they are moderately shaped. This is done so that they are user friendly in the sense that they provide comfort and are airy. Smocks are available for both males and females and are designed accordingly. It goes without saying that the materials used in making the smocks are same irrespective of whether it is meant for a male or female doctor/ nurse.

One cannot deny that this profession is very holistic since the masses are totally dependent on the doctors for their health and purely look forward to good service and assistance provided by the doctors. In this regard the professionals in these sectors should always be ready to act accordingly with respect to promote service, healthy presentation, and cleanliness.


Smocks are used for protection and safety-sake. They also are an integral part of the profession and that is what's being emphasized here. Smocks should always be used as per requirement. It is very useful and also imparts a very quality medical look to the user which in turn finds its reflection in the whole environment. Medical science today has whole heartedly embraced the concept of balance between service and presentation which is reflected in the present hype for incorporating glamour and fashion in medical outfits like scrubs, tunics, lab-coats, jackets, smocks, and what not.

The best thing of it all is that this concept has been welcome in the medical field and finds its active use in this sector, the only thing being that the emphasis should be equally distributed and should not be over-stressed, since it may jeopardize the work-quality. A healthy application of glamour should be maintained till it contributes to improving the performance and outputs in this profession. The key to success lies in establishing a balance in this regard; a balance between performance and presentation.

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