Maybe you already have a point of sale software system operating in your store, maybe youve looking to add one because youve heard about the time and money saving features a POS system can offer. Here are three money saving features that you might not be aware of.

#1 Integrated Accounting:

POS software can dramatically reduce your book-keeping and accounting work! It can:

- Calculate your monthly sales tax in a few seconds.

- Print monthly statements in minutes.

- Automatically enter sales transactions into your account receivables.

- Instantly show you who owes you money.

- Instantly show what you owe, and when its due, so you can control your cash flow.

- Automatically post receipts to the journals and produce monthly financial statements.

- Save hours by letting the computer system enter daily .close-outs. for you.

- Maintain a clear audit trail to ease end of year accounting and reconciliation.

- Automatically post transactions into your general ledger software.

If your POS software doesnt offer integrated accounting features, look for features that will allow you to link to an outside accounting system like Peachtree or QuickBooks. Youll still have to know two software systems and manage the interface between the two but integrating the two will save you time making the entries by hand and it will ensure accuracy, which always saves you money!


#2 Ecommerce Features:

Whether you already have a website or are planning to add one to your business, a POS product with Ecommerce features will be very valuable. Point of Sale Ecommerce features can:


- Offer shopping cart software for online purchases

- Create and post website orders in your POS system instantly

- Create and post website orders with an automatic polling system

- Provide website order notification

- Allow you to select products to be displayed on the website directly from the inventory module

- Provide real-time stock availability updates on the website

- Provide stock availability updates with an automatic polling system

- Automatic customer email notification for back orders, stock availability and shipping information

- Consolidated customer history and tracking

- Provide defined shipping rates

- Support back orders and partial shipments

- Allow returns to be processed from the website

- Support auction management and posting (eBay)

These automated features make maintaining a website virtually painless and certainly significantly easier than doing it all by hand.

About the Author:


Jeff Haefner, is the author of The Point of Sale Software Buyers Guide and Retail Technology Newsletter. He has been working with computers, retailers and POS software since 1993 and he runs a retail technology consulting and software selection service. For free tools and information about POS software and retail technology, visit



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