Jacquard fabric is great for many things that you might want to make. You can use this fabric in many projects, and get great results from it every time. Because this fabric is not colorfast, you will want to wash all of the dye out of it before you try to use it in a quilt or even sewn next to another fabric in something that may be washed. When you do not wash your fabrics before they go into your projects, you are running a risk of the fabric dyes running out into your other colors, and you will have a big mess. However, by simply running cold water over the fabric until all of the dye is gone, you can get rid of the excess dye that is lurking in your fabric, and not have to worry about this issue.

When you use jacquard fabric in a quilt, you will find that many of the colors that it is available in are solids. While many quilters will use solids, some do not care for them at all. You can always find a coordinating print, and use the solid as the back drop or the other way around. You will get great effects from using this fabric in your projects whatever they might be. Another thing that you might want to consider is if you are planning on hand quilting your quilt made with this fabric. Jacquard fabric is tougher to needle than most, and you might find yourself struggling with that. However, it can be done, if you work at it, but it wont be easy.

Using jacquard fabric to make curtains from actually is a great idea. You will find that you can choose this fabric in many colors at any fabric store, and you are sure to be able to buy the color that you are wanting to use in your room. However, you will notice that one great thing about using this fabric to make your curtains is that when you take them down to wash them, you will not have to iron them much. This is a great plus, because most people do not care to iron anyways. The wrinkles more or less fall out of these curtains, and that is a great thing.

Pillowcases is another wonderful project that you can use jacquard fabric in. The solid colors are great for matching the printed sheets that you might have on your bed. The pillowcases that are made in this type of fabric hold up really well, and they are soft for your to actually use when you are sleeping as well.

Making a duvet cover for your bed is something else that this fabric is great for. You will find that the solid colors are great for matching your bedroom and covering your duvet. Many people will buy one duvet, and then just change out the cover when they get tired of it. This fabric is inexpensive enough that you will not go over your budget for your duvet cover, and you will find that you have no problem affording the amount of fabric that you might need.

As you can see, there are many things that you can use jacquard fabric in. Many people use it for many different projects, and they all love the way that their projects turn out as well. You will find this fabric in many fabric stores, in all colors of the rainbow, so matching it up to the project you are working on wont be a problem either

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