Company Background

Color Solutions was founded by Mr. John Darsey in 1999. His vision for the company was to provide Retailers and Brands a more sophisticated and accurate method for communicating seasonal palette colors to the textile mills. After a successful start-up phase, DyStar, the global market leader in textile dyes, acquired the company in 2003. The acquisition for DyStar was a perfect fit into the companys vision of being a global leader in Textile Services and Solutions.

Today, Color Solutions International aspires to be the global leader in color communication to the textile industry. Currently, Color Solutions International is the main service provider for color communication for more than 30 global Retailers and Brands. The powerful technical network of DyStar has greatly enhanced CSIs global reach in color communication.

The Color Communication Process at Color Solutions International

The Retail environment today is facing the following dynamic challenges.

  • Global Sourcing
  • Shorter Lead-Times
  • Cost Pressure
  • Quality Demands
  • Brand Integrity

As stated in a 2002 Kurt Solomon & Associates Report The textile and apparel supply chain has $34 billion in waste from its current processes. Product design and development account for 20% of that figure. Color is identified as the largest factor impeding real improvements. Color Solutions International believes that much of this cost is due the traditional methods of communicating color. Color has been communicated for decades through non-standard methods. Traditionally, the textile mills and vendors have received poor color targets, typically too small in size (i.e. threads) and inconsistent in color from sample to sample. In addition, the targets were without standardized spectral data to aid in the shade development. As a result of the traditional methods of communicating, color approvals have been delayed and the initial target inspirations from the designer were not achieved. Retailers, Brands, Vendors and Textile Mills have been left with added cost and frustration.

The shifting market demands, as outlined above, are leading many Retailers and Brands to review their methods of color communication. Color Solutions International has pioneered the advances in color communication by providing Retailers and Brands with an accurate color standard that brings designers inspirations to reality and provides color consistency throughout the textile supply chain. The Certified color standard from Color Solutions International is produced and reproduced within a tight tolerance (0.5 DE CMC 2:1) against a constant master electronic standard. The certification process ensures color accuracy and consistency from season to season. In addition, CSI provides the vendors and textile mills with spectral data of the color standards, which allows for rapid color development at the textile mills.

To support the rapid but also accurate development of color, Color Solutions International has, in partnership with leading suppliers of spectrophotometers, defined the Best Practice for Measuring Color thus providing a more effective means of electronic communication of color. The Certified Color standards have proven to reduce the lab-dip process for Retailers, Brands and Textile Mills by at least 50%. In addition, Color Solutions International provides a source of inspirational, in stock color called the ColorWall, design tools for internal color communication (storyboards, etc.) and other unique and complimentary services. These powerful color communication tools coupled with the product & technical expertise of DyStar (eco-friendly dyes, re-engineering of color on multiple substrates) provide an unparalleled method for communicating color throughout the textile supply chain.

Innovative Color Communication Products from CSI

Besides Certified Standards and the ColorWall, Color Solutions International has developed a variety of products to further speed the communication of color throughout the textile chain.

Certified Standards on Various Substrates

Cotton is the primary substrate for certified standards, however CSI regular develops standards on other substrates, such as, polyester, nylon and our latest addition Silk.

Tailor-Made Shades

Some of our Retailers & Brands require specific fastness specifications for their garments. In order to meet this demand, the CSI/DyStar team can develop shades to achieve a particular set of fastness requirements and ensure that the shade will be achievable in bulk production.

Plastic Standards

To supplement our textile standards, we have added plastic standards. Designers favorite textile inspirations can be translated into plastic standards produced using a PE resin and accompanied by a recipe to achieve the color.

ColorWall Book

CSI has recently launched a six volume book version of the ColorWall that allows designers to create their palettes at their desk.

Our ColorWall is now available on the Internet. Designers can use the powerful color search engine to turn their inspirations into reality by cross-referencing them with our ColorWall shades. Create Copy, Search and Purchase color at

The Future of Color Communication

Since Color Solutions International has provided the Retail Industry with significance advances in color communication speed and accuracy, the industry will continue to demand faster color development. Color Palettes, which formerly required weeks to prepare, will have to be produced and ready for communication within days of completion. Retailers and Brands will look to frequently change the color in their stores to attract consumers to purchase more garments. Color Solutions International is positioned with products, services and web-based applications to meet the next wave of demands.

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