What differentiates a working person from the common man on the street? The apparel, of course! And in a developed economy like America where the majority of people are working with some or the other industrial brand, workwear becomes all the more significant. American workwear has always remained aces and set new trends. It continues to do so today.

When designing American workwear, there are some specific rules that need to be borne in mind. These are the rules that leading workwear brands like Wrangler, Carhartt and Dickies follow.

Personality - The workwear should be made in such a way that the person wearing it must get a unique identity. The workwear should in no way denigrate the person's professional standing, but must actually give him or her a dignity about the job they are performing.

Distinction - The workwear should be an extension of the job profile of the person. For example, workwear for the junior workpeople must be different from the workwear designed for the supervisors at the factory.

Comfort - A very important aspect of workwear must be comfort. It is very important that the fabric used for designing the workwear must be able to 'breathe', and obey the contours of the wearer's body shape.

Suitability to climate -The workwear must be climate friendly. For that reason, there are different kinds of workwear that are preferred during the different times of the year, such as rain gear, snow gear and summertime workwear.

Major brands dealing with American workwear always keep these four rules in mind. That is the reason why American workwear is designed keeping the customer interests at the forefront, and the reason why these brands are so very popular even in foreign markets.

The general American work wear consists of a shirt, a vest, an outer jacket, trousers, a cap, socks and boots. Boots are specifically designed according to the environment of the person's workplace. There are variations too, like shorts or denim jeans might replace the trousers, or T-shirts might replace the shirt, vest and jacket. Since all workplaces have different requirements, the major brands will also customize the workwear according to requirements. The generally available sizes are L, XL and XXL, which stand for large, extra large and very extra large respectively. Different brands have different measures for designating their work wear into the three categories. Some brands also manufacture M, i.e. medium sizes, but that is rare.

The most commonly used colors in American work wear are various shades of blue, brown and black. Blue is the hottest selling work wear color in the American market. Almost every other color is present too, but the quantities of pieces of these three colors far outnumber the other colors.

One of the prime focuses of American workwear of late is to incorporate fashion in their designs. In fact, it has been the other way round till now - the denim jeans were originally designed as American work wear which have become the biggest fashion rage in the world today. But now, American workwear is borrowing several tips from street fashion to make their designs more comfortable to the wearer. There are new designs being introduced every season. It is hardly surprising that male models strut on the catwalk flaunting the latest American workwear. That is why, when you buy a set of American work clothes, not only will you get comfort at work, but you will also probably add the latest fashion to your wardrobe at a cheap price.

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