Alpaca clothing is made out of alpaca fur and fiber and is considered to be of superior quality to products made out of other fibers. Many people seek out alpaca products because of their natural look and comfortable feel. Furthermore, clothes made out of alpaca fiber are extremely warm and lustrous. Purely Alpaca opened their first retail web store in 2002 and have been a great success ever since. At you can find out more about the company and order any alpaca product.

Alpacas are a species that have been first discovered in South America and raised in farms for their exceptional fiber. Ancient Incan cultures used alpacas as an important part of their way to survive. They made almost anything from alpaca fiber, including clothing and currency. Nowadays, alpaca fiber is highly valued and can be used to make almost any type of clothing. The fiber is very resistant and can be dyed and colored without losing its natural appeal. The softness of alpaca clothing is often compared to that of cashmere. If you're looking to purchase a gorgeous alpaca product or an alpaca yarn for your next knitting project, Purely Alpaca is looking forward to providing everything you need.

If you've never owned a piece of alpaca clothing, you'll probably be stunned of how much you'll enjoy this prized luxury material. Alpaca fiber is very different from wool, as it feels much lighter and warmer. Due to the tiny air pockets that are dispersed throughout the fiber, alpaca products have great insulating qualities. The air pockets also make alpaca products very lustrous and light weight at the same time, as opposed to similar wool products. So if you want something different to wear, that is both comfortable and fantastic looking, try on some alpaca clothing - you'll be surprised how much you'll love it.

Do you have trouble finding something to wear because of allergies to wool? Alpaca products are just the thing you've been looking for. Alpaca fiber is completely lanolin-free and hypoallergenic (will not effect allergies). Furthermore, alpaca fibers do not contain any naturally occurring oils or grease, therefore having no foul odor. Any alpaca product is guaranteed to be extremely durable, is water resistant and can withstand solar radiation. And the best part of owning an alpaca product is that it will look simply fabulous. With a beautiful silky sheen and very pleasant feel, there's no wonder why alpaca products are so popular these days.

The number of people that wear alpaca products is constantly increasing nowadays. And with so many advantages to wearing alpaca clothing, it comes at no surprise. Products made out of alpaca fiber are warm, comfortable, durable and great looking. Furthermore, you can now find almost any item of clothing that contains alpaca fiber. Purely Alpaca is one of the leading companies that provide high quality alpaca products. To purchase an alpaca product, visit and pick out your favorite.

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Tired of the same old fabrics? Looking to make a difference and still have quality? Alpaca clothing will bring a positive change to your wardrobe. To purchase any alpaca product, feel free to visit our website.

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