African skin care, which includes black soap, is just a part of the overall African beauty lifestyle. African women had access to many natural botanical elements that are widely used today in skin care products. They knew the secrets of those ingredients. The secret to black and dark skin beauty is to understand the many undertones found in darker skin. It's important for an individual to know his own skin and choose shades that best complement his natural tones.

Africans have a unique style of clothing. From African children dresses to casual attires, they have a distinctive variety for their dresses. Just like other cultures, they have preferences and a whole history to influence their choices on designs and styles.

Clothes are one of the basic needs of man. It varies from environment, culture, tradition and history. What started as animal skins and furs now evolved into the finest threads and cloths that gave new meaning not only to the item of clothing itself but also to the person who wears them.

Who would have thought that the traditional colors that are a part of the design and clothing would someday define their wearer? Patterns represent status and rank, shades signify moods. Who would think these clothes would matter to us more than being covers to our nudity? These clothing, just like food and shelter, evolved from rugged roughness to simply fine craftsmanship. The marriage between cloth and thread that makes the dress is like no other.

Fashion became a part of clothes, for there was a time way back when we add accessories to add more look and personal styles to our hair and body. We started changing our hairstyles, our skin tone and more. We now have jewelry, for example a necklace, to accent our looks. Accessories like bags and stuff are multipurpose, so ergo the price, these things are now considered to be necessities. One, especially girls cannot leave the house without at least one of these so-called accessories, even if it is just a handkerchief.

Clothes helped to show where you were from, and whether you are rich or poor, and whether you are a girl or a boy. Then, there are also proper clothes and accessories for occasions. For example, African wedding dresses and the right African jewelry with the addition of a simple African hat to some, for African weddings. School uniforms and proper shoes if one is to go to school. One must know what to wear for certain places and certain events.

Who knows what is in store for the future of garments and clothing? Nobody. But we all know that it would be a brand new style, a whole different set of designs and an altogether original line that we would all watch out for. Like food, clothing is one way of defining what we used to be as individuals and as a race, what we are now, and what we will be in the future. Shorter, longer, more colorful or plain, it would not matter; for whats important is that these clothes are worn with pride.

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