Bath robes are usually worn before taking a shower to cover the body or after taking a shower to dry off the water. Bath robes are mostly found in cotton fabric which makes it more comfortable. But now it has become a fashion and more trendy style with elegant looks are becoming popular. They come in more variety of fabric like the terry and micro terry bathrobes, velour, waffle, microfiber, cotton, Turkish cotton or cotton and polyesters combinations, polyester fabrics, fleece, 100% organic cotton, bamboo and the latest fashion incorporates the silk bathrobes. The silk bathrobe lacks the absorbing quality so it is merely used to cover the body and used as a secondary garment to cover the sleeping clothes.

With the huge variety offered in the market it is obvious to get confused while making a choice of bathrobe the bath robe should be of soft material which absorption of water and feels smooth to the skin. It should not be clingy and the person should feel comfortable and fresh in spite of the wrap. Always look for the style, fabric and colors of the robes while buying as Even the style meets the different purpose and demands of the buyer like the kimono style robes, shower wraps, ballerina style robe, spa robes, hooded robes, and beach wraps.

Beach wraps: -The beach wraps are also called as shower wraps and as the name suggests are meant to wear on beach or pools. The beach wrap for children are usually short robes which is used to cover the body after swimming. The womens bathrobe or shower wraps are tied up under the arms and the rest and falls loosely along the body.

Kimono style bathrobe: - kimono style robe usually come with looser fit and bigger shoulders with a raglan style of sleeve. The kimono style bathrobe is a good choice and it can be worn on any other clothing or pajamas.

Ballerina style robe: -they are the short knee length robes, they are light weight in cotton and polyester combination with the quality of wash and wear. You can wear this robe to cover your clothes while doing hair or applying make-up.

Hooded Robes: - the hooded robes are made from terry cotton or velour. These styles of robe are mostly made with the heavier weight terry cotton fabric. The robes come in full length with the hood attached that fully covers the head. Even the light weight bath robes are available that comes in three quarter length

Spa Style Bath Robes: - the spa robes are used in spas or in home spas and are made from light weight fabric. The spa robes are used in combination with the spa wraps as both can be removed easily if going for spa treatments or aesthetic services. You also get accessories matching to the robe, hair turbans, spa slippers and travel bags along with your spa style robes.

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