It used to be a challenge to be a pregnant plus-size woman. Fortunately both local stores and online shops now stock plus size maternity clothes. If you look carefully you also should be able to find good sales on maternity clothes that will help you maintain a budget. Keep in mind that, after all, these are only temporary clothes.

You don't need to hurry out to buy plus size maternity clothes the moment you first know you are pregnant. For the first few months your regular clothing should suffice, because there won't be a lot of big changes yet. The major exception to this rule is a change in bra size. Breasts may enlarge well before any other part of the body. This makes a professionally-fitted bra a necessity. Instead of just buying larger bras, though, you may want to consider buying nursing bras so that you'll be prepared for after the baby comes.

Getting a professional fitting is really recommended because your old ones may not even be close to your pregnancy size. Don't buy too many at first, either, because size can change again later in pregnancy. Women who have never even thought about it may want a leisure bra for sleeping. Breasts may need support 24/7 during pregnancy.

Don't splurge too heavily on plus size maternity clothes when you first find out you are pregnant. You will likely become tired of maternity clothes by the end of your term, so you might as well wait as long as possible to begin wearing them. Regular plus size clothing is usually made with some extra "give" and will be sufficient at first. You should also keep in mind that you will be wearing maternity clothes for a time after delivery, so you should pick clothes that will be compatible with nursing.

Simple, classic, easy to care for clothes are excellent wardrobe choices for a pregnant woman. Plus size maternity clothes which can be tossed in a home washer and dried in a home dryer definitely fit into this category. A woman can care for them easily and this is really important during the nine months of pregnancy when she is often tired much of the time. Her wardrobe will seem much more attractive and chic when it doesn't wear her out even more.

Like all plus size clothing, maternity clothes in larger sizes tends to be harder to find and more expensive. A good strategy is to try on clothes in a store and when you know what size and brands are good for you, comparison shop online to save money. There are plenty of discount websites and online clearance sales. Large chain department stores may have a better plus size selection for maternity and regular clothes that they have in their stores.

Don't forget that you can also find regular clothing that is loose fitting or has an elastic waist or a drawstring that will work fine well into pregnancy. This has the advantage of being something you can wear long after pregnancy and often saves money as well. You can be a BBW and find attractive plus size maternity clothes!

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