Why is it we all take most things in life for granted and one of those being fashion? How can we take fashion for granted you may well ask? Well that is a simple question to answer. When the latest trend in vibrant fashion colours hit the stores or shopping outlets - what do you do - yes you got it in one - you take it for granted that you need to rush out and buy a piece of the action - this could be fashion jewellery - shoes or clothes etc.

What is the meaning of the word fashion - well it is explained as a characteristic or habitual practice. Another is that it is the latest and most admired style in clothes and cosmetics behaviour. Fashion consists of a current (constantly changing) trend, favoured for frivolous rather than practical, logical, or intellectual.

When a trend is set - people from all walks of life tend to follow the latest fashion craze or mania on the market and why not - because it is - the in thing, BUT you have to bear in mind that everyone else is also wearing the in thing.

It is sad that we all walk round like double takes of each other. Fashion should be described as a form of duplication in numbers uncountable. So there you have it in a nutshell - if you follow what is in fashion then you are following suit of millions of other fashion freaks.

Right what we need to do is - change our whole attitude towards what new trendy outfit graces the model on the front page of a glossy fashion magazine. Remember models will always ways look good because that particular dress, swimsuit etc that they wear was sculptured around that particular person - in other words tailor made.

What you have to do if this is the latest in trend on the front page of the magazine then you must eliminate from your mind the model from the photo and then conjure up an image of yourself wearing this outfit.

Remember if you like the new figure hugging dress design that hangs in the boutique and you host the shape of Bessie Bunter - then think again. By wearing something that does not compliment your shape, size etc - then you are dressing your self down when you should be dressing yourself up.

Okay let us say that you are taking this fashion piece for granted where you feel the need to have it regardless of how it is going to look - then a few alterations need to be done.

If you are of the roly-poly frame with an overall pleasantly plump look then yes by all means stick with the fashion that is in, and if that means you are adamant on wearing that tight fitting little number then why not compliment it with a light jacket or better still a chiffon type see through blouse.

Also that particular design may well suit you better if in a different shade of colour. There are options of how you can keep up with - the in thing and look gook good. But why go to all that trouble just because the fashion industry takes you for granted

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