One of the saddest things to see on the road today is the young person riding a motorcycle around town while wearing nothing more than bluejeans or a T-shirt and swimming trunks. They may be the best motorcycle rider in the world but an un-expected spill may easily occur and they are ill prepaired for the consequences.

Wearing proper motorcycle clothes is not just a fashion statement, it is a safety issue. If you are in an accident on a motorcycle you don't have any metal around you to protect you like you do in a car. And you certainly don't have any metal around you to protect your skin from being harshly removed by the pavement or gravel road bed as you slide along after being up ended. Helmets are not the only safety device you need on a motorcycle. You also need the proper apparel to protect you from serious harm and injury.

Motorcycle leathers can act like a second skin between you and the roadway that you may someday meet without notice. Actually, it can act as a protection against the removal of your own skin by harsh pavement and gravel road ways as you slide along them after a spill. And the modern leather apparel can offer additional protection through additional light weight padding sewn into appropriate areas.

Leather motorcycle pants are extremely important as most injuries in a motorcycle accident occur below the waist. You want to protect yourself as much as possible in that vulnerable area. Sliding along the pavement in a pair of motorcycle pants while few a lot more protection than cutoff shorts or even bluejeans. And don't worry about the cost. With proper care, you'll find that leather out wears denim 20 to one so your money will go a long way if you take care of them. And they'll take care of you when necessary!

And consider wearing a good, tough motorcycle leather jacket as well. And don't get thin fashion leathers either. It good thick motorcycle leathers for best protection. European abrasion tests indicate normal bluejeans last about 0.6 seconds before being ripped right through. Good protective motorcycle pants will last five seconds and more under the same abrasion tests. You don't want to trust that you will only land for half a second off the roadway to you?

While style may be good, protection should be the main consideration when you buy motorcycle leathers. For best protection look for buffalo hide or cow hide and avoid pigskin. Pigskin is not very durable and will tear easily and leave little protection between you and the road in the event of an accident. Being a smart bike rider and not a sore one. Protect yourself and stay healthy for many years on the road.

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