T-shirts are definitely the best kind of garment to wear when we are working quite hard, don't you agree? They are loose to the fit, thin so that your skin can breathe and the sweat can evaporate and extremely smart to look at. That is the reason why sportsmen are always seen in tees. So why not provide your workmen with t-shirts too? They will definitely like to wear them; it will give them the comfort to work and the style too! And if you are worried about how t-shirts will protect them from the hazards at the workplace, you need not worry. There are flame resistant t-shirts available which can be the best option for your workplace.

The best thing about t-shirts is the fabrics that are used in making them.

The fabrics are usually cottons and that allows the t-shirts to breathe. Even flame resistant t-shirts have the same kinds of fabrics, but they usually have cotton blended with some other synthetic material to add to the flame resistant power and to provide tenacity. One of the best examples here is the use of INDURA Ultra Soft fabric, which contains 88% cotton with 12% high tenacity nylon blended in it. That makes the t-shirts resistant to all kinds of flames, while the cotton in the fabric gives an excellent aeration and makes the wearer feel quite cool.

You might not believe it, but flame resistant t-shirts are capable of resisting even welding flames to an extent. However, that depends on the company from where you are choosing the garment. Carhartt is a leading manufacturer of flame resistant wear, including t-shirts, and its mastery in the field is acknowledged all over the world. Some of these t-shirts have an additional lining inside of another fire-resistant material, which helps in keeping more of the flames away.

However, to add to the flame resistant potential of the t-shirts, you can easily complement them with flame resistant jackets, or bib overalls, and flame resistant work pants. Being t-shirts, they are available in a wide range of colors, and you can choose from a vast variety. You can convert any flame resistant t-shirt into your own signature workwear by adding an embroidered logo, or getting your logo silk-screened onto the t-shirt. Apart from increasing the fashion level of the t-shirt, it will help in reinforcing your brand image. You can also get flame resistant t-shirts with high visibility reflective tape on them for those extra critical environments. Your employees and co-workers are the most valuable asset of any organization. It pays to keep them safe and comfortable, especially when they work in hazardous environments.

If you are looking for flame resistant wear for your workers, then t-shirts are a good choice because your workers will feel the greatest degree of comfort wearing them. And they can work for long hours too. You will surely get what you are looking for through your online retailer, and you can even get the tee shirts personalized for your workplace in whichever way you choose.

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