Major department stores spend millions of dollars each year developing effective strategies for marketing and displaying their items so that the customers find them irresistible, opening their wallets and pocketbooks to purchase that new "special" product. Walk into any store and notice how your eyes are drawn to the walls, to the multicolored displays, to the staged areas of merchandise. It is an art to display the items so that customers' eyes are drawn in and many brick and mortar retail stores have whole development teams dedicated to this very purpose. Large and small stores alike share this need to attractively display their products for purchase. Successful retail stores find the display tools needed to organize their multitude of items from manufacturers and suppliers that stock large selections of store fixtures, garment racks, showcases, even hangers, everything businesses need to arrange their products tastefully and attractively. Display products are often manufactured according to specifications drawn out by skilled teams of retail strategists and designers.


Attention to detail is invaluable. Meticulously crafted anatomically correct mannequins and beautiful wood display units and showcases should be crafted in precise ways so that retailers are able to effectively assemble and arrange them for their ultimate goal of displaying their products in desirable ways. Slat wall systems are often used to organize large bays of like items and are relatively inexpensive systems to purchase and install.


Organization of clothing in slat wall assemblies can be one of the most easily accessible and advantageous for clothing retailers. What good are the most brilliantly displayed items if they aren't seen? Lighting systems are an integral part of every retailer's successful store displays. Track lighting is often used because of its ease of manipulation and ability to aim at or around products to achieve various effects. Appropriate lighting can help show off your products' "best side", one more step towards the customers' shopping bags. In jewelry and accessory stores, wall and floor mounted showcases can be most effective ways of displaying products. This way, customers can get a close look at sometimes extremely expensive merchandise stored behind glass or pexi-glass without the danger of breakage. These showcases often possess locks that can only be opened by merchant's employees, discouraging theft as well.


Retailers spend large amounts of time and money making sure their employees know just the right way to display products, making purchase a natural progression for customers who might merely be window shopping. Window displays with appropriately arrayed and naturally positioned mannequins can be the most effective way of enticing potential customers to enter, and their necessity should never be underestimated. If customers don't come in, they will never be afforded the opportunity to buy. Effective businesses use all the aforementioned tools at their disposal as part of their successful sales strategies. Attention to all of these details may be the dividing line between a slow month of sales and achieving full sales potential, putting a retailer's product in every home or workplace in the area.


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