For most of us winter usually means cold temperatures, below zero wind chills, and gloomy skies. Unfortunately, winter also means bulky and unattractive clothing too! For most women winter marks the beginning of a wardrobe filled with tops that are not form flattering and thick pants. Plus sized women have it even worse than the average woman, because most of their clothes are already more bulky and not form flattering. With a little planning and know-how you can look stylish and chick no matter what the temperature is like outside.

First, remember that layers are a great way to beat the cold whether you are outside or in. Eschew thick sweaters and go for thin stretchy layers instead. You'll find that the closer the layers stay to your skin, the warmer you'll feel. Look for some stretchy long sleeved tops and top it off with a thin sweatshirt that you can unzip halfway when you're inside. This is a wonderfully cute look that's perfect for inside the house and wandering around town when you're doing your Christmas shopping.

One thing to do for a bit of style is to try a nice thick pair of opaque tights together with a skirt. Depending on the thickness of the tights and the severity of the weather outside, you may want to go with a shorter skirt with thicker tights. A great way to emphasize your curves and your legs is a nice pair of black tights, couple those with a good pair of weatherproof, sturdy leather boots, and you will bet to look great in any storm. For more warmth you may even try wear some thick tights underneath your trousers. Also, if you have some thin slacks that you want to keep wearing, bring them together with some tights to winterize them.

Plus sized women might want to avoid coats that only come down to the waist. For a wonderfully sophisticated fashion statement, think about a thigh-length peacoat. This is a great style and quite warm; you can go with a basic black wool, or try for something a little more extravagant. Remember to suit your own tastes; if you feel good in it, chances are, you look good as well! For a more sweeping style, think about getting a long wool coat, one that goes down to your ankles. Once again, check the cut. Is there a little bit of flare at the bottom of the coat? Does it fit well without wrinkling? While it is very easy to get a coat that is a bit boxy in this regard, remember to look for one that has a good drape on you; essentially find one that isn't cut to look like a tube!

Worried about ice roads and snow ins? Winter is definitely not the time. To be ready for winter months head, be smart and plan ahead.

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