A rug is typically a carpet with finished edges. As is the common perception, there is not much difference between carpets and rugs. The only noticeable difference is that, carpets are generally used for floor coverings and are larger in size. Rugs are used for many purposes. They can be used as floor furnishing, foot rug, wall hangings, sofa coverings and for many other decorative purposes. They come in a varied range of sizes and shapes. Rugs are sometimes also used for specific purposes. These include, setting up the theme of the room, lobby rugs, kid room rugs, throws etc.

Rugs are generally classified based on their pattern and design. In addition, the approach for weaving a rug is also sometimes used to classify them into segments. Typically, rugs are classified into four major categories. These include, Cotton Printed Rugs, Traditional Rugs, Modern Rugs, and Tribal Rugs. Each of these classifications has their own set of patterns and designs.

Cotton Printed Rugs are elite and stylish in nature. They give unmatched appeal to floor decoration and thus add an artistic approach towards interior decoration. Cotton printed rugs come in varied color schemes. Cotton rugs are primarily used to give a soothing effect in an otherwise oppressive surrounding. On the other hand, traditional rugs reflect positive vibes to the rooms decor. These rugs are generally made using woolen materials but are sometimes also crafted using natural fibers. As the name suggests, traditional rugs represent traditionalism to the interiors.

Though the market for rugs is huge, it is not limited only to cotton printed rugs or traditional rugs. Modern rugs are tailor made for people who like to color their surroundings with brightness. Modern rugs with their trendy yet elegant look are found in offices and buildings. Most of the designs for modern rugs are done keeping in mind that they easily fit into the dcor of the room. This is also one of the primary reasons for people to show preference towards modern rugs.

There are some other types of rugs that make the floor eye-catching; the foremost among them is the tribal rug. It is like a fresh water lake in the midst of sand dunes. These are made using natural dye colors and typical bold designs. The color scheme here is generally loud, which gels beautifully into the dcor of the room. You can use tribal rugs in any type of interior and they give you awesome results. The only concern is that they should be strategically placed to enhance the beauty of the room. Improper placing might wipe out the finesse.

Proper flooring is the answer to get the real impact out of correct home furnishing. Rugs go a long way in making your rooms look more sophisticated and urban. They give a feeling of completeness and this makes your home or for that matter, any home a sweet home.

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