The EliTeCompactSet V5 compact spinning system is designed to meet even the most challenging demands that high-end spinning mills make on a compact spinning system:

   Optimum and sustained yarn quality

   High Consistency of all Yarn Parameters

   Minimal Variation between Spinning Positions

   No Restrictions in regard to Raw Material

   Easy handling

   Universal application

   Can be installed on almost all machine types

   Many optional features

SUESSEN is a pioneer in the compact spinning technology, a world-wide technological leader and a highly successful supplier of compact spinning systems.

Since the ITMA 1999 in Paris, SUESSEN has sold more than 2.5 million EliTeCompact Spindles and is therefore the most successful company offering compact spinning systems, as well as technology leader of the market. Over 10% of these compact spindles have been successfully equipped with the EliTwistTechnology.

Initially, the system had been designed for SUESSEN's own Fiomax ring spinning machines. However, soon afterwards the compact spinning system was provided without the spinning machine. This means that the customers are free to choose their favourite basic machine for the EliTeModernization.SUESSEN experts install the EliTeModernization Components on this machine.

And as a result of the technological competence and vision of many mill owners, the new spinning system was received with great enthusiasm.Consequently, SUESSEN market leadership expanded significantly due to continuous improvement and advancement.

In response to the boom that combed yarns have experienced in the last two decades, the application of compact yarns has also grown.

EliTeYarns provide revolutionary advantages in all yarn parameters and have already set new quality standards. Furthermore, they have proven to be cost effective in terms of spinning and downstream processing. This has ensured an unrivalled quality improvement not only in the yarn, but also particularly in the textile end product.

This development has been furthered through SUESSEN EliTwist, which perfectly combines the fundamental principles of compact spinning and "Siro spinning". And in many respects, the EliTwistYarn spun on the ring spinning machine even outclasses two-ply yarn from the 2-for-1 twister.

Impressively, every seventh compact spindle supplied by SUESSEN is already using EliTwistTechnology.The wide application range covers anything from bed sheets to shirts to T-shirts (not to mention many other products).

What is compact spinning?

The purpose of a genuine compact spinning process is to arrange the fibres in a completely parallel and close position before twist is imparted. This is the most important criterion for perfect compact yarn.

The eliminated spinning triangle is a by-product of this concept. This close and parallel arrangement of fibres immediately before twist is imparted is responsible for the characteristic advantages of compact yarn.

Process of Compacting

Compacting takes place in the compacting zone following the main drafting zone of the drafting system. The drafted fibre strand is compacted before twist is imparted, meaning fibres are arranged in close and parallel position to one another. And by using the EliTeCompactSet, this effect is achieved thanks to an air flow produced by a vacuum and an inclined slot:


    Normal drafting is carried out by a conventional drafting system.

   When the open fibre strand leaves the clamping line of the main drafting zone, a lattice apron will guide it over an inclined slot that is under negative pressure.

    At the edge of this slot the compacting of the fibre strand will start , i.e. the absolutely close and parallel positioning of the fibres.

   The tension draft between the front top roller and the EliTeRoller also supports the compacting effect.

   The fibres leaving the compacting zone are perfectly parallel and in close contact with one another.

   Twist is imparted to the round fibre strand without a spinning triangle; through being perfectly embedded, all fibres contribute to yarn strength; there will be hardly any fibres over 3 mm in length that stick out; no fibres are lost in the spinning triangle.

   Such crushed or reversed fibres as those passing through a condenser will not be found.

EliTeCompactSet V5 is an upgraded version. The innovations - either individually or collectively - can be retrofitted to preceding versions.

The EliTeCompactSet is the most flexible and versatile compact spinning system available on the market, and its upgraded version 5 (V5) will be shown at Itma 2007 in Munich.

The basis is the EliTeCompactSet V5 for spinning single EliTeYarns, which comprises four well harmonized structural groups:

- Encapsulated EliTop with front top roller, EliTeRoller and weighting unit

- EliTube suction tube with lattice apron, insert, reversing rod, and connecting pieces

- EliVAC system for providing the vacuum with one drive motor, fan shaft, EliFan ventilators for 24 spinning positions each, hoses, hose connectors, and EliBelt drive belts

- Reinforced gearing adjusted for the basic machine type and length

The EliTeTechnology Components are installed by our highly experienced SUESSEN technicians.


EliTeCompactSet V5 is provided in the versions EliTeCompactSet-S for spinning short-staple fibres and EliTeCompactSet-L for worsted spinning. All natural fibres, man-made fibres and blends thereof can be processed.

EliTeCompactSet can be retrofitted to almost all types of ring spinning machines of renowned manufacturers.

To increase the operational reliability of a retrofit solution a reinforced gearing is installed, which is adjusted to the machine type and length.

The EliTeCompactSet-S is usually supplied with the new SUESSEN HP-GX 3010 Top Weighting Arm. In addition, it is possible to re-use the top weighting arms of renowned manufacturers already installed on the machines. The SUESSEN sales department will be happy to provide you with further information on this matter.

EliTeCompactSet-L is supplied with the new SUESSEN HP-GX 5010 Top Weighting Arm. Machines with suction tubes for groups of spindles can optionally be equipped with single suction tubes. The optional EliTwist variant will enable you to produce compact two-ply yarn in a single operation on the ring spinning machine. By replacing a few individual EliTeComponents, the changeover from spinning single yarn to producing two-ply yarn can be easily and rapidly handled.

EliTeCompactSet and EliTwistCompactSet can be upgraded by the new SUESSEN core-yarn equipment COREflex for the production of EliCoreYarns and/or EliCoreTwistYarns.

Optional equipment for the EliTeCompactSet is the monitoring system EliVAControl V2.0. Sensors monitor and control predetermined parameters for the fan speed and vacuum produced for the compacting process. (See separate article on page ...)

To optimise the energy balance, the machine can be equipped with the new EliVario system. In this version, the EliVAC system is driven by a frequency-controlled motor. The EliFan speed is infinitely variable on the display. The compacting performance required at the spinning position and the energy consumption can be easily harmonised and optimised.

The new flexible belts type EliBelt for driving the fans and a new method of distributing the new robust hoses, in line with the new fan housing help to save energy.

The following revised spinning accessories and components are used for the EliTeCompactSet V5:

The new EliTube 5starTube has been equipped with a larger insert that can very easily be 'snapped in'. This will facilitate the correct positioning of the top rollers and increase the service life.

The optimised design of the T-slot (T = traverse) for combed yarns means that up to 50% more traverse in the yarn path is achievable without adversely affecting yarn quality. Consequently, the buffing intervals and the service life of the front top roller cots are considerably extended. (See separate article on page ...)

The newly developed lattice apron 5starplus will guarantee a long service life, as well as low variation of the yarn parameters between the individual spinning positions.

The encapsulated EliTop with new pins to guide the intermediate gears is even more efficient.

The HP-GX 3010 Top Weighting Arm is now equipped with the new "Active Cradle". Incorporating very close apron nips, this cradle provides optimum fibre guidance and improves yarn irregularity and the number of IPI yarn defects.

The new hoses for the EliVAC system are even more resistant against ambient conditions. Their internal surface offers optimised flow conditions. For easy identification, the metal coil has a red sleeve.

The housings of the EliFans have also been revised for optimum flow conditions. They are made of synthetic material.

The new yellow EliBelt (to drive the EliFans) has better anti-ageing properties and resistance against ambient conditions. Its service life will be increased by up to 25%.

A newly designed cross rail will facilitate the precise adjustment of the fan shaft after maintenance.


Spinning limits:

There are in fact no restrictions regarding the yarn counts that can be spun. Thanks to the improved embedding of the fibres in the fibre strand (utilisation of fibre substance) the number of fibres in the yarn cross-section can be reduced when reaching the limit of spinning stability, in contrast with conventional ring spinning. This means that with the same fibre quality a finer yarn count can be spun.

How do our customers use the compact spinning system?

There is a multitude of business strategies for using and exploiting the benefits of compact spinning systems, which all result in individual success. Basically, mill owners pursue the following strategies:

  Quality improvement

  Optimised utilisation of fibre substance (raw material)

  Production increase

  Substitution of products (carded instead of combed material)

  Cost saving in raw material

1. Quality Improvement

Initially, this was the purpose of developing compact spinning systems. With unvarying raw material quality and production parameters of the ring spinning frame, they are capable of producing ring-spun yarns in a quality not known until now with respect to yarn hairiness, strength and irregularity.

2. Optimised utilisation of fibre substance (raw material)

As a result of the special processing method, the compact spinning system requires much less fibres in the yarn cross-section (spinning limit). The same raw material is spun into finer (and therefore more expensive) yarns.

3. Production Increase

Another variant of improved utilisation of fibre substance is production increase. On the one hand, the spindle speed can be raised, because as a result of the absolutely close and parallel fibre positioning and therefore optimised embedding of all fibres in the yarn the ends-down rate could be substantially reduced. On the other hand, the twist coefficient can be reduced by about 10% compared with conventionally spun yarn, for the same reason.

4. Substitution of Products

The improved yarn quality permits to use carded yarns in applications, which originally required combed yarns. Combed compact yarns substitute for two-ply yarns. EliTwistYarns replace 2-for-1 twisted yarns.

5. Cost Saving in Raw Material

To produce a predetermined yarn quality with a compact spinning system, less expensive raw material can be used.

In industrial practice we find a combination of purposes which fits the corresponding business strategy best.

Customers will profit from the compact spinning system in the following applications:

Advantages For Your Yarn

   Tenacity increased by up to 25%

   Zweigle (S85) hairiness (fibres exceeding 3mm) reduced by up to 3%, Uster (H) hairiness reduced by up to 30%

   Elongation increased by 15% (CO) to 20% (WO)

   Work capacity increased by up to 50%

   Yarn irregularity often improved

   IPI imperfections frequently reduced significantly

Your Advantages in Spinning

   Optimum utilisation of fibre substance

   Substantially improved spinning stability

   Possibility of reducing yarn twist by up to 10% with corresponding production increase

   Ends-down rate reduced by up to 60%

   Fewer fibres/inexpensive raw material

   Fibre loss reduced up to 0.01%

   Fibre fly definitely reduced


Sustainable Advantages in Downstream Processes


   Increased efficiency, reduced contamination

   Higher winding speeds possible

   Fewer clearer cuts owing to fewer ends-down in spinning


   EliTeYarn often replaces conventional two-ply yarn

   EliTwistYarns replace conventional two-ply yarn

   Two-ply yarn made of compact single yarns requiring up to 20% less twist

Weaving Preparation

   Less fibre fly and reduced ends-down in beaming and warping increase efficiency

   30 to 50% less sizing agent required


Better weaving machine efficiency, resulting in increase in production of up to 15% (Example: Nm 50 in air-jet weaving machine: weft insertion with conventional ring-spun yarn 500-600 m/min, with EliTeYarn 700-800 m/min)

   30% less ends-down in weft insertion

   Less fibre entanglement in the warp

   Less contamination/accumulation of fly on the machine


   Increase in machine efficiency and production

   Less contamination, less maintenance, less idle periods

   Less waxing

    Single thread can substitute for double threads

   Reduced wear of needles


   Reduced loss due to singeing

   Dye liquor absorption improved, less dye liquor required


Savings in raw material are also possible

   More inexpensive raw material

   Carded compact yarn instead of combed yarn

   Standard PES instead of "low-pilling fibres"

   Reduced combing in case of combed yarns

   Spinning of coarser wool

   Singeing is reduced or even superfluous; no valuable yarn is burnt (since yarn is generally sold by weight, finished yarn is burnt, not just a few fibres!)

Advantages in the Textile Article

   Increased strength in the fabric

   Less pilling tendency

   Improved lustre

   Clear print

   Better stitch definition

   Clearer weaving structure and more defined contours

   Better touch of fabric

   Possibility of developing completely new products


EliTeCompactSet is the most successful and versatile compacting system available to the market. Consequent innovation and advancement are aiming at ensuring the universal applicability of components and structural groups, improved yarn quality, extended service life, even less maintenance and maximum operational reliability in industrial application.

Nobody beats the flexibility and reliability of EliTeCompactSet!

About the Author:

The author is Head of the Marketing Department with Spindelfabrik Suessen GmbH.

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