Japan is a country suspended on the top of several converging tectonic plates; and easily prone to earthquakes. The Japanese build houses with earthquake resistant structure. Technology in Japan is being updated to come up with new, innovative products to keep abreast of the tremors shaking their land and lives. One such product is the Immediate Zip Aid Tarp (IZAT), an outfit that has multiple benefits of serving as a fashion garment, and can also be used in times of emergency. It can be worn as a garment, used as a canvas tent, and can be wrapped around the wounded as well. This jacket that can also be used as a tent in times of emergency gives an option for people to get a shelter, immediately after an earthquake.


IZAT is a flat clothing material that can be a part of the floor, wall or roof. It is a large sheet of strong, flexible, water resistant or waterproof material, such as canvas or polyester coated with plastics. It is manufactured with zippers on several parts so that it can be used to make different forms which gives minimum space for an individual person. Further it can also be efficiently combined with other IZATs by connecting its four sides with other pieces, wrapping twisting and folding it to build large structures also. It is a waterproof tarp that can zip into anything from a poncho to a tent. The material used for this clothing is canvas alcatroada which is used as sails in boats and is capable to withstand any kind of storm. Depending on the circumstances, it can be worn or used to make temporary space. It can also be normally used when viewing soccer games, picnics or cherry blossom parties.

This is similar to the Zeltbahn basically a shelter quarter, used by the German soldiers during the Second World War. Zeltbahn is military equipment which can be used as a tent and can also be worn as a poncho. IZAT is the brain child of Tokolo Asao and Imakita Hitoshi. The great Hanshin earthquake has been the motivation behind this invention.


Creativity is the basis of our civilization. In designing clothes with rich color patterns and refined palettes, the Japanese are second to none. They are capable in making clothes that looks good for centuries. The IZAT is a proof of the cutting edge fashion technology of Japan. This wonder garment from the Land of the Rising Sun might be a break through as an emergency outfit.




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