Job interview is one aspect where we are required to dress up according to the companys profile and the job profile for which we are to give the interview. Some basic topics on which we tend to think before dressing up professionally are

- Whether our dressing should be formal or casual.
- should we include our personal style statement like tattoos, necklaces, ear rings, etc or not.
- should we dress in the style highlighting our own personal style or according to the standards set by the company.

Apart from the media interviews where it is required to be in front of camera, all other job interview requires the candidate to dress-up formally in a well co-ordinated and clean manner. As dressing up in formal attire creates an impression on the employer that the candidate is rather responsible, sensible and serious kind of person for the job. This means that one should not dress up casually or informally for any job interview especially when it is a corporate one. Even if the job you are applying for is part-time or summer job the same rule applies here.

The type of dress you wear, its color, its texture, your perfume, your hygiene level, etc are also counted during job interviews. As popularly known first impression is the last impression, the way you present yourself during the first encounter with the company, it leaves behind an impression of your personality. It is not advisable to be daring in dressing for the interview, it is always better to be on safer side by choosing conservative colors and clothes. Avoid wearing bright colored outfit, funky jewelry, faded shirt, mini skirts, too tight clothes, floral accessories, improper shoes, etc. Sometimes wrong dressing also creates an impression that you do not care much about the job but about yourself only which is certainly a negative point that has to be avoided.

Usually the safest bet considered in terms of colors are blue and gray. Every employer wishes to employ the work force that is responsible, mature, professional and disciplined and proper dressing for sure creates such positive impressions which is reflected in your attitude and attire. Opt for subtle colored shirts with tie and formal jacket. If dress code is casual tie and jacket could be skipped. As said prevention is always better, if you are not sure about the dress code for the interview please call and ask them.

Job Interview Dress Tips for Women

Try to avoid wearing salwar suit or traditional outfit for the interviews. Select colors like navy blue, gray, black, earthy tones, browns, etc. Business suits are good option. You can couple it with crispy white shirt, long sleeves with no-frills.
Do not wear silhouettes for interview. Instead go for low-heeled sandals or shoes that match with your outfit.
Wear skin colored hosiery if you are wearing one.
Always wear the belt in matching with the footwear like- brown belt with brown shoes.
Hair should be done in professional manner. It should not be required to flipped continuously. Although short hair are easy to manage, if you have long hair then tie them back.
Finger nails should be well trimmed, clean and if want to apply nail polish apply of light shades.
As far as make-up is concerned wear natural make-up without glitters.
If you wear earrings, wear small, conservative ones. Wear small ear rings or delicate chain with a small pendant.
Always carry your important documents in a file or a briefcase.

Job Interview Dress Tips for Men

Wear full sleeves shirt of dark colors like navy blue, gray, black or else white shirt is also a good option. Shirts of earthy tones also looks good.
Select silk ties as they give nice look, if you cannot afford silk ties, ties with a blend of silk fabric could be chosen. In order to avoid the tie from flopping around keep them in place with a tie pin or clip.
The color of your socks should match with your suit, also the socks has to be of calf-length.
Choose matching shoes with the trousers. Do not wear cowboy boots, sneakers, sport shoes, etc fancy shoes for the job interview.
Never go without a belt if you're wearing pants with belt loops. Wear a dress belt that matches your shoes.
If you have long hair then tie them back in a ponytail. But short and well trimmed hair is best option.
Clean shaven look suits the best for job interview. If you have beard or moustache trim them properly.

It is always preferable to dress one level up of the profession for the job interview.