This study analyzes the criticality of design factors that contribute to discernable differential in the experiences of goal-focused shoppers on dress model Web sites. Focused on the apparel industry, the study examines factors of accessibility and convenience, availability of information, lack of sociality, media richness, and product selection. The results of the study impute that basic functionality, except for lack of sociality, is in general more important than advanced richness of technology for goal-focused shoppers. Intention to buy is indicated in the study to be less impacted by the sophistication of technology on dress model sites. The study will benefit information systems professionals and marketing practitioners who continue to explore and evaluate the impact of technology on online stores.

Keywords: apparel industry, business-to-consumer (B2C) e-Commerce, customer experience, dress model technology, goal-focused shopping, information systems management

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About the Authors:

The authors are associated with Pace University, USA.

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