Jewelry is an oldest form of adornment to enhance beauty. Jewelry nowadays comes in various shades and colors as well as artistic designs. Jewelry is one of the best ways to express ones feelings and create an alluring appearance. Throughout history, jewelry played a critical role in special occasions and there is not a single culture or civilization that does not speak about jewelry. From past many centuries jewelry signifies various things. It was used by the royals to signify their status and by women to showcase their beauty and men to illustrate their supremacy.

Expression with jewelry: Today jewelry offers unlimited ways to convey expression like toe rings, ear rings, cuff, pins etc. Social trends have nowadays dictated the fashion of jewelry and its emphasis on the artistic expression. Youngsters don't find jewelry costly but rather they find it as a way to compliment their style. Belly rings These are rings worn on the belly, especially the navel and it's mainly made of surgical steel, silver, sterling, gold or solid titanium. So if you love to flaunt a flat tummy then go ahead and enhance with trendy belly buttons or belly dangles, animal belly rings etc.

Toe rings - this has now become a fashion statement; people love wearing it to enhance the beauty of their toes.

Ear rings - this ornament is one of the most easily accepted body jewelry. This type of body jewelry enhances the facial looks and expresses ones individuality while still following the family old traditions.

Nose piercing - this jewelry enhances the facial looks and it can be adorned in the form of rings or studs. It comes in diamonds, gold etc. Fans of nose piercing include Lisa Stantonbury, Christopher Freville and Claire Goddard.

Nipple piercing - this is one of the most sensational forms of body jewelry. This type of fashion is followed by people who have an attitude to carry it. This ornament often comes in the form of a loop or something very sexy and intricate. Some guys wear it to create a craze amongst women. This increases sensation when performing certain activities.

Tongue piercing - this jewelry is gaining popularity, especially amongst the younger crowd who follow the hip hop style. This type of jewelry is used by men and women and nowadays this is slowly forming a style statement amongst models and studs who love to show off. Tongue piercing should always be done under strict professional guidance as it takes time to heal and can cause problems.

The advice is to always go to a reputable piercer that is well known in your local community - especially places like Atherstone, Solihull and Palm Springs. Don't simply pick one out from the directory without doing your homework first, as you could easily pick up a nasty infection.

Precautions: Body jewelry and fashion can be safe if it's done with care and under professional guidance. Always check whether the piercing is done by sterilized equipment. Body jewelry if done aesthetically can enhance beauty but if it's done for just merely fashion then its style and style lasts till the trend lasts. So go ahead and enjoy it!!

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