Scarves are the must have fashion accessory of this season. In this article we'll give a few scenarios in which you might consider wearing a scarf found at: Fashion Scarves and Shawls and what it can look great with. These are casual "scarf scenarios" meant to help you look and feel great in relaxed, fun settings this holiday season.

Hitting the slopes this winter? If you are planning a day on skis, you'll find that warm pants, a thick wool sweater and a long, bright red scarf are the recipe for looking great while you swish down the slopes. If it's warm enough, a sweater and scarf will be enough to keep you warm without getting too bulky (as you would if you were wearing a ski jacket. And when you walk into the lodge, the scarf can come off and you'll be a comfortable temperature for sipping hot chocolate by the fire and snuggling with someone warm.

Looking to go out with some friends for a night on the town? A turtleneck sweater, a three quarter length leather jacket, and jeans look great when combined with a brightly colored scarf (or a scarf of the same color as your sweater). Make sure that your scarf is not the same length or longer than your coat, but rather shorter. Otherwise, it could look odd.

Got a hot date? A long trench coat looks great and when paired with a subdued, solid color scarf, you'll look fantastic. If you are taller, don't go for a scarf that's too long: this will make you look too tall. However, if you're shorter or plus sized, you may prefer a scarf that is longer: it will add the illusion of height and slimness to your figure.

Meeting the family at the family cottage for Christmas? A durable, hand knit scarf of medium length is perfect. It's versatile in case you find yourself sledding with your nieces or nephews or out on a long walk with your siblings: wrap it around your neck a few times for warmth or leave it open to cool off a little. What's more, your mother will be happy to see that you're finally listening to her and wearing a scarf!

Heading out after work for drinks with coworkers? Your at-work wardrobe can be made to look more casual with different shoes and a scarf. Depending on your outfit, you may consider switching from a trench coat to a three quarter length coat, too.

And women, don't forget that a small, light silky scarf can be tied around your neck for an all day scarf look that brings attention to your face or helps to bring some pizzazz to a drab looking outfit. If you're tired of your wardrobe but can't find the right "bling" to add, a scarf could be the right option.

Not only can scarves make you look great at every casual occasion, but they also make the perfect gift for...just about anyone. Got someone on your list who you're not sure what to get them? You can always rely on the trusty scarf as a great gift.

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