Why is it that the first thing we all do when entering a hotel room for the first time is check out the complimentary bathrobes? It's not as if we don't all have on hanging in our own bathrooms at home. Hotel bathrobes are special, they're fluffier than your own, more inviting, more relaxing and generally don't have stains on them! Everyone loves a plush bathrobe.

But which one do you buy? The cheap lower end of the market that is not more than a coat to wear when getting out of the shower or bath? Or the one inch thick terry pile robe that engulfs you in warm and security.

Cotton is a natural fibre derived from the cotton plant, which consists of cellulose and is the most widely used fibre in making bathrobes. Cotton bathrobes are especially suited to summer season and in warmer climes as they absorb perspiration.

This fabric is widely used in the manufacturing of bathrobes because its easy to work with, readily available and relatively cheap. That said, the very best cotton bathrobes can be at the top end of the price scale. Bathrobes are usually made in such a manner that generally velour fabric is used on the outer side and terry on the inner side.

Bathrobes are not only used for getting dry and keeping warm when getting out of the shower or bath, a quality bathrobe can give a comfortable feel to your swim wear collection and can help you to keep your dignity when leaving the swimming pool.

A wide range of luxury bathrobes including are available on the market, they include: chenille microfibre, cotton terry velour, kimono style, waffle pique, hooded, Asian inspired silk bathrobes.

Hooded bathrobes come in wonderful styles, colors and various sizes, ideal for when you want to snuggle down. Silk bathrobes are very expensive and cannot be used in daily wear but they are very thin and lightweight ideal for summer months. Waffle fabric is used in making bathrobes because it is lightweight and loosely woven for comfort and quick drying.

Types of Bath Robes:

As per the season and latest fashion there are many styles of bathrobes available on the market. Turkish bathrobes are legendary for their extraordinary comfort and absorbency.

What style of bathrobe suits you?

Bathrobe choice is not only a thing of personal choice but also requirements. You may love the idea of being wrapped up in a linen terry velour bathrobe with its cosy lushness but you may live in a sub tropical climate where an organic cotton terry robe or silk robe may be more applicable.

The beauty of the world we live in now is the variety of choice we have around us, this even reaches out to the world of designer bathrobes, if you want a bathrobe made of organic cotton terry then you can have one, if you want a bathrobe made of organic hemp terry then you have that choice available to you, even down to having your bathrobe monogrammed as found in all the worlds top spas and hotels, if thats your desire then that you may have.

Designer bathrobes really do make a difference to so many experiences; just make sure you pick the right one!

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